Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

There are two Rainforest Cafe’s in Walt Disney World, one in Animal Kingdom and the other in Disney Springs. We had decided to make a lunch reservation on our Dining Plan for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom, purely because we could get some park time in at the same time.

As it turns out we didn’t have time for any park time on the day of our reservations, due to lost phones and chasing the WDW transport system, we just about made it to Animal Kingdom in time for our reservation.

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom

The entrance to the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom is just past the security gates before you reach the park entrance. This means you don’t need a park ticket to be able to eat at the restaurant. You can also access it from inside the park if you’re on the way out.

Try not to make the same mistake I did and attempt to enter via the cast member security entrance. That was a little embarassing!

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom Reservations

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom reservations are easier to come across than most restaurants in Disney World. This is probably because there are two locations, and also the size of the restaurants.

The theming of the restaurant is much like all the other Rainforest Cafe’s in the chain. There is a fun atmosphere but it can be dark and quite loud so be prepared if visiting with small children who may not like the noise.

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom Gorilla

The Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom is huge and despite having a lunch reservation, I think we could have just walked in and asked for a table. We were seated almost immediately right next to a huge Gorilla that decided to beat his chest and make noise every once in a while.

Other animals on show included an amazing elephant, tigers and plenty of fish tanks. There was so much to look at we really didn’t know where to start.

We also had a great view of one of the fish tanks which was great to spot all the different fish swimming past. This also brought some light to our very dark table area.

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom Menu

The Animal Kingdom Rainforest Cafe menu is vast with lots of choice, but both Hubby and I decided to opt for a burger as we hadn’t really eaten burgers so far on this holiday. Abby chose fish and chips, and I had a very refreshing berry juice mix from the menu which was included in the dining plan.

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom berry drink

We had very attentive waiting staff who made sure we didn’t have an allergies, made sure our burgers were cooked to our liking. I was impressed by this as I had heard mixed reviews about the food and the service from online forums in the past.

Hubby and I ordered different burgers, but when they arrived they were both the same. It was different serving staff who delivered the food and when I queried it, I think I was about to be fobbed off, but after insisting, my burger was returned to bring the correct one.

This is where the service stood out for me, as our server walked past, noticed I didn’t have any food and almost ran off to get my burger when she realised what was happening.

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom burger

The food was well presented, and there was a LOT of it. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to finish my burger and fries, let alone Abby who had the hugest portion of fish and chips I have ever seen.

I think the Rainforest Cafe would serve better as an evening meal, especially on a hot day in Florida, as we really struggled to finish our meals. So much so we had to decline dessert as we didn’t want to waste food.

The Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom isn’t the best value when on the dining plan as the meals were very reasonable in price, however the food was god, delivered quickly and the service was good compared to some of the other restaurants we have eaten in on Disney property. I would definitely go back again on a future trip.

We have also enjoyed meals at Be Our Guest, Crystal Palace, Hoop De Doo, Ohana, Via Napoli, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Garden Grill.

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Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom rainforest cafe animal kingdom


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