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Project 365 2015 – 25 – 31


It always seems to be Saturday at the moment, but it never seems to stay Saturday for longer than I can blink!



I bought an apple crumble on Sunday, and then we went to visit my Mum and she had made one as well! I was good and didn’t have second helpings. The same can’t be said for the rest of the family though.

On Monday morning, a prize I won from Twitter arrived just before I went out for the day. A large hamper of soft drinks. They’re gorgeous, and it has me addicted to entering competitions, so I apologise if I’m spamming your Twitter feeds at the moment.

Tuesday saw a lovely sunset. I didn’t quite get there to take a picture in the best position, so I had to make do with one from the bedroom window.

Hubby was out on Wednesday night

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An Introduction To Ski Bobbing


Miss A was invited to a ski bobbing party this morning at our local ski centre. She has never been before and was really excited to get there and get whizzing down the dry slopes. 



As she’s not scared of anything that brings adrenaline, I wasn’t worried about leaving her to it, but stayed for a few minutes to take some photos before retreating to the warmth of the cafe area to enjoy a breakfast. I’m glad I stayed though as she came up to the top of the slope with a big sad face!

I was quite funny from a parent’s point of view to watch her not being able to go in a straight line, but apparently that’s not funny to a seven year old! She said it was scary as she didn’t think she would go so fast. We told her she didn’t have

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What Are Your Hobbies?


Being a busy working parent doesn’t leave a lot of time of hobbies, but making time to relax is a must, and I have promised myself some more “me” time this year. Sometimes I just need some time to forget about everything going on around me.

 Writing is probably my favourite hobby, and having this blog is a great way to distract myself when I need to.I am also a fan of trying out new crafts. I have dabbled in sewing and crochet recently, and am hoping to improve my skills in both those areas. The bulk of my time however is usually spent on the laptop or tablet which means that I can often be found doing an online activity. I am a fan of entering competitions, and have recently been lucky enough to win a couple of nice prizes. All of these hobbies take time and energy

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Tips When Staying At Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Beach Resort


During our holiday last year to Disney, we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. The resort is made up of six different villages. Aruba, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad North, Trinidad South and Barbados. Spread over the six villages are 2,112 rooms making the resort the largest Moderate Disney hotel.

Before we arrived, I did some research into the hotel and I found the issue most people had was the distance from their room to the food court (Old Port Royale). After spending some time worrying over how far we would have to walk for meals, or how long we may spend waiting for the internal bus to arrive, I stopped worrying and decided it would be what it would be and we would enjoy our holiday anyway. I was really pleased to discover that actually it wasn’t any where near as bad as some people made out on review

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Would I Pass My Driving Test Twenty Years Later?


Growing up, I never had any ambition to learn to drive. My parents used to drive me where I needed to go, and having lessons wasn’t something that I really wanted to do. Little did I know however, that on my 17th birthday in 1993, my Dad announced that I was having my first driving lesson – that morning! I still remember being cross with him now. It was two days before Christmas, the weather wasn’t too good, and deep down I was plain scared of learning to drive.

My journey of learning to drive lasted almost six months to the day. I passed my test first time on 28th June 1994 and got my first photo driving licence nine years after that. In hindsight my Dad did the best thing for me by taking the decisions to book my first lesson as I don’t think I would have

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Project 365 2015 18-24


This week has been up and down, with car trouble, a funeral, but I have managed to go for a run three times this week which is a massive plus point. I just need to get to the point where I enjoy it.



I finally managed to crochet a Granny Square last weekend. It has been frustrating me for ages now and I was determined to master it. I still need lots of practice but it’s good to conquer that battle.

My race number has come through for this year’s Race For Life. I have never had a single digit number before so I’m quite excited.

Lola has been playing hide and seek this week, and it was quite funny to watch as she pokes her head out from behind the curtains.

With the weather being very cold, sausage and mash was called for, proper comfort

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