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Project 365 – 13th – 19th April


wk 16


I’ve had this week off work, so it’s been easier to get out and about and spend time with 6yo enjoying the second week of our holidays.

13th – 6yo was given a loom band kit for Easter from our friends a little early. She’s been finger looming all week (she’s not being rude in that picture!)

14th – We went for an adventure in the forest today. Fresh air and sunshine all for free

15th – Some crafting with a new review item coming soon to the blog.

16th – Pizzas made with a museli base – a little different but tasty all the same.

17th – We’ve been playing with the cat and his new laser toy

18th – A trip on the ferry to Brownsea Island

19th – Some skipping in the sunshine

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Across The Water To Brownsea Island


Recently we were lucky enough to win a family pass to any National Trust site, so with Easter weekend upon us we decided to combine it with an Egg hunt and a trip on the ferry to Brownsea Island.

The weather was really sunny yesterday, but a little windy. When the ferry was still it was lovely basking in the sun, but during the trip across we were all a little chilly.



Once on the island, we made our way to the start of the egg hunt, and 6yo sat down to make her hat to become an Eggsplorer.



We were ready to set off with our clue sheet and cameras. 6yo likes to take pictures of anything and everything at the moment, and she was in special charge of my old camera today.

Brownsea Island is 1.5 miles long and 3/4 miles wide. Our egg hunt took us on a walk around the island. We didn’t rush and stopped to look and some of the peacocks showing off, exploring the woodland, picking up sticks. We spotted some friends that had come over for the day walking across a sunny patch of field.



This one particular Peacock was showing off for the crowd in front of two Peahens. It was funny to watch, and he paraded around in full circle for plenty of us to take photos from all angles.

6yo took a brilliant photo of the peacock, up close and personal, and he posed beautifully for her.



With the recent bad weather, there were some trees that had been felled, and chopped up after falling. It gave the children lots of opportunity to climb and explore between the trunks. Some of the larger trees were stamped with their dates of approximate planting and fallen date.



Back at “base camp” it was time to collect the reward for completing the egg hunt. I had to convince 6yo to share her egg with us.



We had a long wait for the ferry home as I think everyone wanted to leave the island at the same time, but on the return journey we sat below deck and we were much warmer on the way home.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sunshine Adventures


The school holidays don’t always have to be about days out, spending money and breaking the bank. Hubby was off with 6yo last week whilst I was at work and they had great adventures, but every day involved spending money on activities. I wanted to show both 6yo and Hubby that you can have a really good time without having to part with the pennies.

The sun has been shining which always helps, so 6yo and I set off on an adventure to try to find some treasure.



We are lucky to have plenty of woodland around us with tracks to explore and forest to search through.



We soon came across a troll bridge. 6yo was a little worried about going across but she had a good look to see if there were any trolls hiding under the bridge, and she made it across safely.



What goes up must come down!


The arrow says it’s this way so there must be treasure!

What was the treasure? Mother and daughter spending time together in the sunshine!

We stopped off at the park on the way home and 6yo caught up with friends.

Museli Pizza


When you think of museli, do you picture it in a bowl covered with milk or perhaps yoghurt? It’s not very often I picture it with pizza topping on and cooked in the oven. When I was challenged by Dorset Cereals to come up with something using museli, it took me a while to decide what to make.

I thought about cookies, breakfast bars and fruit crumble. What would happen though if I attempted to turn it into pizza dough and make museli pizza?



There are no exact quantities to this dough, you can make as much or as little as you want by creating the best consistency for you. I started with 1 cup of museli, and placed in the food processor to whizz to a smoother consistency. This process took about a minute to grind down some of the bigger pieces.

The next step is to add half a cup of plain flour, a tsp of olive oil and gradually add water as the food processor is on to create a dough. Too much water and more flour will be required.

Once you have a good consistency where the mixture is binding together, but not in a ball due to the thickness of the museli, you can remove onto a floured board.



The dough is quite pliable but a thick consistency when rolled out. It doesn’t stick on a floured board which makes it very easy to work with.



Topped with tomato puree, mushrooms, pepper and cheese I baked them for 15 minutes at 180 celcius. The base comes out quite crispy, but with a unique nutty taste.

I taste tested this on everyone in the family with very mixed results. 6yo didn’t like the peppers but didn’t comment on the base! 18yo said she liked it (I still haven’t told her what was in the base). I thought the base was a little sweet (think I got the raisins), and Hubby said the base was too crispy for him.



I think these would make a nice canape when cold rather than eating them hot. Certainly something very different for when you want to make your own pizza dough. No yeast required.


Disclosure – we were provided with the cereals free of charge, but the recipe and opinions are my own

A Day In The Life Of Fidget


It’s not all about the humans on The Life Of Spicers. Sometimes the cat gets a look in too. Fidget has recently been showcased when he was seen having cuddles with the family, and now more recently we’ve been playing laser tag with him and letting him sample his own tasty treats.



Fidget can be a fussy so and so when he wants to with his food. But we do try to remember that he is an old man now, and they can be cantankerous can’t they!

We already feed him with pouches in jelly or gravy for his meals with a snack of dried biscuits on occasion, so the meals he was sent were almost identical aside from the brand. We were asking him to test James Wellbeloved cat pouches  and Canagan chicken dried cat food.

Both of these have been received well. There were a few nose tests with the first few packets of James Wellbeloved, but he soon got used to the taste and ate as greedily as usual.



After filling up on all that tasty food, it was play time. We set the laser toy up by adding the batteries (included in the packet) and started to tease poor Fidget to get him to chase the light.

He’s not as young as he once was, but he still likes to chase.



After all that it was time for a treat. These were received very well, if almost a little too quickly when the packet was opened. Phew, what a busy day for a cat. Usually he’s spotted doing a lot of this.

Disclosure – we received the products shown free of charge but all opinions are our own

Project 365 6th – 12th April


I didn’t quite manage a full week of photos this week.

PicMonkey Collage


6th – Creating Easter Crafts

7th – Unpacking my new job as an Independent Phoenix Trader

8th – Having fun with making a table football pitch from a cardboard box

9th – Fun at the park

10th – All dressed up ready for an Easter Disco

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Table Football From A Cardboard Box


What can you make with a cardboard box, pompom, two straws and some masking tape?


A table football pitch of course!

We have been having fun and creating with items we have found around the house this week. During half term, we can get sucked into going out and spending money to entertain the children, but you don’t have to spend money to have some fun. This table football has been great fun, if a little difficult for me without a lot of “puff”, but fun all the same.


We chose to make ours on the table, but it would work equally well on the floor and can be made any size. I took the top and bottom flaps of a cardboard box and cut them in half-length ways. We attached them together with masking take, and then I secured them on the table with some more tape to stabilise the shape a little. The goals we made from two pipe cleaners twisted together and attached to the edge with more tape.

Hubby decided to use more tape to mark out the pitch. The good thing about masking tape is that it removes from the tablecloth easily, and would from wooden floors too without leaving  a mark when finished.


Using straws to move the pompom about the pitch, we realised very quickly that Hubby has a lot more hot air inside him than myself and 6yo do. There was a lot of giggling that carried on, and some very quick shouts of “goal”.



We left the pitch up for most of the day during this week, and played in five-minute bursts during the day. For a cost of nothing, we were all entertained with plenty of laughter, and it got the whole family talking and playing together without much effort at all.

If you’re looking for quick activities this half term, Mumsnet have a lot of great ideas at


 “I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity”.

Clowning Around


Last half term at school 6yo had a clown day at school. I try to make our own outfits if we get the chance, and 6o loves dressing up, so we both rooted through her wardrobe and dressing up box to see what we could find to customise and turn into a clown costume.

We started with a pink tutu, and a plain white tee-shirt. I found some felt in the craft box and we cut out circles and hearts to sew onto the fabric.



It was quite a simple project, but despite this being made a few weeks ago now, it has stayed complete with spots in the dressing up box, so she has a clowns outfit for when the occasion pops up. We teemed the tee-shirt and tutu with spotty tights and sequined trainers to complete the look.

6yo decided that she didn’t want a bright wig or anything on her face, but I think she looked lovely.

No clown outfit would have been complete without some flowers to pull out and trick people with, so we set about making tissue paper flowers with tissue paper and pipe cleaners.



The flowers are really easy to make by taking layers of tissue paper in a square. You can use as many or as few as you want to depending on how thick you want the flower.

Fold into a concertina before folding in half length ways and wrapping a pipe cleaner around the middle. This will act as your stem so leave room to be able to hold it.



You can trim the edges of the tissue paper to create a crinkle effect if you wish.Each layer needs to be peeled carefully apart from each other and placed to create a flower shape.



Perfect to be clowning around at school.

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross


As you know from reading my blog, 6yo loves doing art and crafts. I have seen other bloggers writing about being Baker Ross bloggers, and I always thought that would be one of my blogging achievements. You can imagine how happy I was when the email dropped into my inbox a few weeks ago inviting us to become Baker Ross Bloggers. Of course the answer was a big YES.

Our first box arrived last week, as with Easter in the near future, we had lots of Easter crafts to try. 6yo was in her element unpacking the box to see what was included.



There are so many ideas to use inspiration and create our own crafts and pictures, but 6yo decided to use some of the kits to create some gifts for her friends at school.



She has since used some of the paper designs supplied in the large A3 pad to create Easter cards, and decorated some of the little trinket boxes which she has filled with some of the Easter themed confetti.

Such simple instructions that she has been able to pick out a kit and doesn’t need any parental help to complete them, which I think is a great idea for confidence as well as imagination.



The candle decorating pens caught my eye, and I was keen to investigate those. I didn’t realise such pens were available to purchase to be able to decorate candles. Basically it’s liquid wax in a pen that dries in around eight hours.

The first candle 6yo tried turned out a little messier than she would like, but once she had gotten to grips with the pens and how to hold and squeeze them, she was rocking with her designs.

From nests to shredded paper, to pipe cleaners, sponges for painting, this Easter holidays we wont be bored thanks to Baker Ross.


Disclosure – we received the items free of charge, but all opinions are our own

Project 365 30th March – 5th April




30th March – Mother’s Day! Beautiful cards

31st March – A spot of Easter crafts making bunny boxes

1st April – My courgette plants are coming through

2nd April – Making a gammon pizza

3rd April – More Easter crafts, this time we made a candle with special pens.

4th April – A spot of snail racing going on in the garden this afternoon

5th April – A sneaky ride on the land train

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