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The Life Of Spicers


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Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Thermal Glasses



Wouldn’t it be great to have either a hot drink or cold drink in a glass and not feel the effects of either the heat or the chill when you are holding the glass? 

The Ozeri Serafino Double Wall thermal glasses will do just that for you. With a double glass layer, they look attractive to the eye as it appears that the drink is almost floating from the base of the glass. The first time I picked up my drink, I was shocked at how light they were. I was expecting something a lot heavier based on the fact they are double walled, it really was amazing. I’ll admit to checking to see if they were actually glass, but they are.

The range of double walled thermal glasses come in a few designs. These are the Serafino and retail between £24.99 to  £34.99 for four glasses, which puts them

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24 Sleeps To Christmas – An Activity Advent Calendar


We always buy the traditional chocolate calendars, and in the past we have also had a Playmobil calendar that has been built a little bit each day. I’ve never seen an activity advent calendar however so was pleased to see something different for this year.


A nice sturdy A3 bound book which is fully personalised and has a different activity to complete on each day. I like that it acts as a calendar that can be hung on the wall and is very visual in number of sleeps until Christmas.

Each page is packed with information and colour which is well made from cardstock.


There are a variety of activities that will appeal to children of around four upwards. The most complicated would be the wordsearch, but that’s not too difficult to work out with some adult help for the younger ones.

This is a welcome

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10 Ways To Spice Up Your Christmas


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Project 365 16th – 22nd November



Not a very exciting week this week. It has seemed to go past in a blur, and I can see the weeks leading up to Christmas now being just as busy if not more.

16th – Trying to teach the dog not to chew our hands. It seems to be a losing battle at the moment.

17th – Hubby has been letting 7yo take charge of his beloved playstation. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not.

18th – 7yo made an anti bullying poster today after school

19th – The elf has been found and she is ready for this years Elf on The Shelf.

20th – I bought some wrapping paper today, trying to stay ahead of the game a little bit

21st – 7yo has been sent some new toys to play with so she’s been happily decorating them

22nd – After

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Stocking Fillers For Girls- Christmas Gift Guide



I’m always very good about thinking about stocking filler but the realising very close to Christmas that I’ve been thinking of the actual presents more than stocking fillers and I haven’t managed to buy very much at all. 

7yo is very easy to buy for which is a godsend when it comes to keeping the costs low but making sure what you’re buying is worth the money and will actually get used or played with.

Here are some ideas for stocking fillers for girls this year, all of which I know 7yo will enjoy so if you are shopping for a similar age girl then I hope you get some good ideas.

Blue Nose Friends – These cute soft toys retail for around £5 each. Scamp, Hugo, Sasha and Blanche are all new for November 2014 and I know they will be a hit for 7yo.

Frozen Top

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Having A Hotter Moment



I’ll admit I have never been to a Hotter shoe shop before. My mother in law works in a clothes shop that stocks Hotter shoes and she is always referring to older ladies buying them, so they had never come under my radar when I have been looking for new shoes. When  Joanne from CharlieMoos mentioned that Hotter shoes were holding a #shoesietuesday event in my local Bournemouth store, I decided to have a look online to see what I might expect.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at the styles of shoes and boots that were available on the website, and immediately I fell in love with the Belle boots (pictured above, top right and left image).


As soon as I walked into the store, I realised I may have been missing out for no reason all these years. Mel and the team at the store

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