Disney World Florida Holiday Day 2

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Tuesday 22nd July 2014 – Disney World Florida Holiday Day 2

We were all a little tired from adjusting to the time zones still this morning, but very excited to be going to Magic Kingdom for the first time. This was the park I was most looking forward to going to, and of course we had a lunch date with Cinderella.

As we neared the park on the resort bus, I was both desperate to see the castle in the distance, and at the same time I wanted to drink n the magic

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Arabian Style Turkey with Crushed Garlic Potatoes



I enjoy creating meals without following recipes when I have the time, and I’m always up for a challenge. I’ve worked with Red Tractor before when they set me the challenge of cooking with Red Tractor ingredients. We enjoyed Beef stretched over a few meals, duck, rhubarb cake and more.

When I was challenged to come up with an Arabian recipe containing Red Tractor turkey and two other red tractor ingredients, I put my thinking cap on. I have never cooked an Arabic recipe before and really wasn’t sure what I was doing for a few days. After

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Swimming With Dolphins At Discovery Cove


Ever since I was younger, I have always had a love for dolphins. Their grace in the water and appearance has made them one of my favourite animals. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins, but realistically I didn’t think I ever would mainly because I’m not overly confident in really deep water.

When we booked our holiday to Disney, we enquired about swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove. With the dream a little closer, I knew this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience and I had to push all fears about water to the

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My Sunday Photo – Wheeeeee




We made the most of the early evening sun yesterday to blow off some steam at the park. 7yo loves this mini roundabout, and quite often falls out of it when she’s not holding on properly.


Project 365 10th – 16th August




It’s been a quiet week here, but we’ve been making the best of the breaks in the weather and getting out when we could.

10th – That’s the closest the cat and dog have been to each other without one of them yapping or growling. Not sure they’ll be friends but they’re learning to tolerate each other I think.

11th – Homemade hummous for lunch minus lemon juice as hubby took all the lemons to work. Still tasted nice though.

12th – We played a new game today. It was for ages 6-12 and I’ll admit

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How To Go Crabbing Responsibly


I remember when I first met Hubby, we took 19y0 (who was then around 9 years old) to our local quay to go crabbing. It was a really popular activity and I remember the quay side being very crowded on that sunny day.

Crabbing is an activity we haven’t managed to take 7yo to do yet, but it’s on our list of things to do, as done right it can be a really fun activity, that doesn’t cost very much to enjoy. The equipment you need is very limited with just a net, bait and a bucket. Usually this can

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On Safari In Animal Kingdom

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Going on a Safari trip is not something I would have expected when we booked our holiday to Disney World. Nestled in the far corner of Africa in Animal Kingdom is the Kilimanjaro Safaris which at over 100 acres in size, is bigger than the whole of Magic Kingdom park I am led to believe.

Before arriving, this is one experience we were advised to use our Fast Pass on, as the wait times can be long during peak times despite the fact there are 42 vehicles going at any one time and 32 people in each vehicle. I was

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Family Summer Fun On A Budget

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When 7yo found out we were going to Disney this Summer, we had a little chat about how the rest of the Summer Holidays would pan out. We explained that with having had such a big holiday, and welcoming a new puppy into the home, we would be spending a lot of time at home for the remainder of the holidays.

She accepted this very responsibly, and despite feeling slightly guilty that we wouldn’t be going out for more day trips, or having lots of treats, we have soon realised there are lots we can do at home, close to

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Disney World Florida Holiday Day 1

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Monday 21st July 2014 – Disney World Florida Holiday Day 1

We arrived at our hotel – Disney Caribbean Beach Resort at 11pm Florida time last night. It had been a very long day travelling yesterday leaving home in the UK at 9am, getting a 4.15pm flight from Gatwick to Orlando after a 2 hour delay, and landing in Orlando at 8.30pm Florida time (1.30am UK time).

By the time we all got into our room and straight into bed, our body clocks were thinking it was 4.30am, so we were all very tired. 7yo had done

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Popagami Folding Craft Animals



We have recently been introduced to the world of Popagami – origami animals in fun designs. Anything art and craft is well received in this house by 7yo, so we were looking forward to seeing what we could create.

The pack we received contains 24 large animal designs and some smaller finger puppet designs. Also included is an instruction book, ideas and cut out sheets that can be photocopied to create more.


A quick look through the bright designs, 7yo wanted to have a go at a small tiger finger puppet, whilst I concentrated on a

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