Miss A’s First Sleepover


Miss A has been wanting to have a sleepover for quite a while now, and this weekend it finally happened. It’s been planned for a few weeks but with plans, it’s been put off a couple of times until yesterday. Both the girls were very excited and had been making plans at school with what […]

A Little Bit Of Luxury From Serenata Flowers

Serenata Flowers Hamper

I love receiving flowers, and I also love it when I get the change to enjoy a little bit of luxury all to myself. This weekend I was treated to a Little Luxuries Gift Box from Serenata Flowers, and I will admit that I was mean enough to barely share any with the family. They […]

Healthy Insides For A Glowing Outside


The hot weather we’ve been having the last few days has not done anything for my eating or drinking habits. When the sun is out we BBQ a lot, often putting the barbecue on in place of using the oven. When we’re sitting outside it seems that the bottle of wine or beer will also […]

New Glasses From Glassesshop

glassesshop review

If you read my blog, you’ll know that I have recently started wearing glasses for screen time. I am getting used to my glasses now after a shaky start, but something I wasn’t expecting was that I am getting glasses envy when I look at other people’s glasses. Obviously I wasn’t going to be able […]

When Is The Right Age To Have Your Ears Pierced?

when is the right age to have your ears pierced

Miss A has been badgering me to get her ears pierced since she was around three years old. I made one of the biggest parenting mistakes at the time she asked me, and put an age on my answer. “When you’re eight you can have your ears pierced”.  I forgot all about it, until Miss […]

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