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The Life Of Spicers
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The Definitive Guide to Spice


The Definitive Guide to Spice

Get to know the essential spices used in Indian cuisine and give the takeaway a miss this weekend – It’s time to try making your own curry.

(image: Judepics under CC BY 2.0)

For years, Britain’s favourite dish has been an Indian curry. And it’s easy to see why. They look amazing with bright colours, smell delightful and taste oh so different from most of our seemingly bland British classics.

But many of us are still relying on the good old local takeaway for our regular dose of Indian cuisine. Well

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Project 365 14th – 20th September


It’s been a really busy week this week, settling back into the school routine and trying to start decluttering the house, looking after the puppy and getting some work done. The pictures aren’t very interesting this week unfortunately.




14th – We had a really busy day today and it was a quick tea from the freezer.

15th – Amazing views when walking the dog today. This is what it’s all about.

16th – Cooking down some damsons my Mum gave me. The aim is to make chutney, but they’re in the freezer at the moment

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Disney World Florida Holiday Day 5

day 5 pinnable

Friday 25th July 2014 – Disney World Florida Holiday Day 5

We were up early this morning to go back to Magic Kingdom as we had Fast Passes booked for the morning for both Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I’m not a massive fan of roller coasters but I was willing to give them a go as 7yo was so eager to go on anything. If a child can do it then I had to surely!

We walked around Magic Kingdom to Frontierland and

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Curry In A Hurry


We love curry in our house, and I’ll often make my own, but when we need curry in a hurry, I will use pre made sauces. Just Ingredients asked if we would like to try a range of their curry sauces, and I was excited to see the variations we received.


Hubby likes a Korma, 19yo likes Tikka Masala, and I am happy to try anything as long as it doesn’t blow my taste buds apart. The first one we tried was the Saffron and Rose Korma. The ingredients intrigued me and I was looking forward to seeing

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When The Puppy And The Owner Started Puppy Training



I am the first to admit, I am a novice when it comes to puppy training. When we were set the challenge by Pets at Home to come up with a short video of our training with Lola, it was the perfect excuse to start thinking about which methods we were going to use to train her.

She’s fairly good with some basics already, and has been for a few weeks. Commands such as “Sit” and “Fetch” are recognisable to her and we are polishing these skills to encourage her to drop when she has fetched, and and

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Project 365 7th – 13th September




7th – Lolas’ first car journey today without sitting on someone’s lap. She’s taken to the back seat with a seatbelt on her harness really well.

8th – Making chicken curry. Yummy

9th – Which way should I go then?

10th – Some afternoon crafting in the sunshine after school

11th – The open spaces are great for 7yo and Lola to burn off some energy. We seem to be living in this part of the forest at the moment

12th – Quiche anyone?

13th – What a pretty feather.



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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Vs Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

thunder mountain

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Vs Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Planning which rides to go on is half the fun when planning a Disney holiday. We were lucky enough to be visiting just after the Seven Dwarfs Mine train opened this year. We had been told that both of these rides get busy and the queues can be long so it’s a good idea to fast pass them both. But which one did we prefer?


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened on 28th May 2014 in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom to the public. As you can imagine it’s a

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How To Stay Organised During The New School Term

organised pinnable

Now that 7yo is back at school, the letters and notes have started to arrive home in the book bag. I really need to learn how to stay organised during the new school term, so I have compiled some tips that I’ll be putting into practice over the next few weeks.

Get a diary! I like the school year diaries for all things school and children related. One that is small enough to fit in my bag, but is big enough to write in without it feeling awkward. Write in your diary! How often do you buy

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Gaining Confidence Dog Walking


Lola has been going out for walks for two weeks now, and we have had some ups and downs during those three walks a day each day. I have been gaining confidence dog walking a little bit each day, but I was worried about letting her off the lead in case she bolted and didn’t come back, hurt herself, or hurt someone else.

On Sunday morning, I took her into the forest with a friend and her dog. Lola hadn’t met my friend’s dog before, but I knew she would be very excited. I was hoping that having another dog

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5 Ways To Make Cooking With Mince Interesting On A Budget

mince pinnable image

I decided to create this post showcasing 5 ways to make cooking with mince interesting on a budget as we cook with mince a lot in this house. It’s so versatile and fits well on a budget. We alternate between beef, pork and turkey mince every once in a while, but find that all types can create very similar meals.

7yo used to really enjoy meals with mince in, but I think she ate spaghetti bolognaise once too often and then started to moan every time mince was on her plate. I got

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