How To Create the Perfect Disney World Trip Plan

perfect disney world plan

Planning a Disney World Holiday fills some people (like me) with joy and happiness but others may dread the planning stages and go with the flow. I talked about what I learned from my first visit to Disney World before and I wish I had become more prepared with Fastpasses and plans etc, so this […]

Moon Walk 2016 Training Diary Week 2

Moon Walk Training

After last weeks gentle start to my Moon Walk training, I have been researching distances and times. I have discovered that I am walking approximately one mile every twenty minutes which means that the 26 miles will take 8.9 hours. That’s a long time to be walking. Currently my longest time walking is around an […]

Breaking Down The Exercise Barriers

new trainers

As we’re nearing the end of January, I thought I would share with you the last four or five weeks of my exercise training. Unlike most people I didn’t set a new challenge on the 1st January as I know from past experiences that I never stick to these resolutions. Instead I started going to […]

Moon Walk 2016 Training Diary Week 1

Moon Walk Training Diary

I decided at the end of last year that as I am turning 40 at the end of this year, then 2016 would be full of challenges and exciting adventures for me this year. I toyed with doing 40 things before I am 40, but instead I have decided on something different each month during […]

Fitbit Charge HR Overview

fitbit charge hr

I have been a big fan of activity trackers on the blog and am often found to be wearing one. I have reviewed the Fitbug Orb and the Fitbug Air in the past, but when disaster struck after Christmas and my Fitbug strap broke, I decided to purchase myself a Fitbit Charge HR. I mainly […]