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Trying New Foods – October


We’ve been trying out some new foods this month. Amongst changing our supermarket shopping to mainly Lidl instead of the bigger stores, and also receiving some yummy items to try out for review, we’ve been exploring some new and exciting things to eat this month.


Lidl Butter Fudge – This is going to be great for Christmas hampers and additional gifts for visiting friends etc. It looks good in the packaging and costs less than £2.

Frollipops from Fruit Bowl – A new fruit snack in the shape of a lolly on a stick. We have been trying out the apple snakes. 7yo thinks its a great idea to be able to take a lolly in her lunch box and it’s actually not a sweet so she wont get told off for it at school. They are not too sweet, a soft lolly that counts as one

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How To Manage Your Blog Using A Filofax


How do you organise your blogging? In the past couple of years, I have used scraps of paper, upgraded to a notebook, use my phone, laptop and many other ways of trying to stay organised. I have recently upgraded from a notebook to a Filofax so am going to show you how to manage your blog using a Filofax.


I have a Finsbury Personal Organiser which has pages measuring 17 x 9.5cm. The diary pages are a week on two pages which I have found to be ample for both blog and personal entries.



That’s the beauty straight away of a Filofax. You can purchase or create your own customised sheets to make your Filofax unique. There are so many ideas out there that you will never be lost for one. Take your own style and add it into your Filofax. My supplies are

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Bissell Vac And Steam



Having pets in the house, the floors are suffering generally on a daily basis anyway, but with the weather taking a turn for the worse now Autumn has set in, I am always seeing paw prints on the lounge floor which is next to the back door. How would the Bissell Vac and Steam stand up to the job?

Inside the box

In the box, you receive the unit, two floor pads, water jug and fragrance discs. The unit itself doesn’t require any difficult construction, but has plenty of features that you can adjust to suit you when using the Van And Steam.

The Unit

Whilst the unit is fairly heavy in itself, it does glide well over hard floors. There are many features that make this unit stand out from your standard steam mop.

Adjustable height on the handle Long power cord Low and high steam

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Dreaming Of A Winter Holiday


I’ll use any excuse to talk about our holiday this year, and as such was having a chat with another mum whilst 7yo was doing her gymnastics class the other day. She has also been to Disney quite a few times, but this year her family is doing something a little different and taking a winter holiday between Christmas and New Year.

A holiday at that time of year isn’t something I have ever thought of, but it has made me think about how nice it might actually be. Those days, between the excitement of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, are whennot a lot is going on and the kids have grown tired of their toys all too quickly.

The weather is usually cold, wet and the days short, so in actual fact it might be nice to be able to go somewhere warm instead. With an average

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Discovering Your Child Has A Lazy Eye – What Happens Next?

lazy eye


When 7yo was just over a year old, we noticed her eyes went a bit funny, almost like she was going cross eyes occasionally. This usually happened when she was tired, and for a couple of weeks we didn’t think too much of it, but when it started happening quite frequently, we took her to the doctors to see what it was.

It turns out she had amblyopia, otherwise known as a lazy eye. It basically means that the vision hasn’t developed correctly in one eye and the good eye over compensates for it and uses one eye more than the other. The poorer eye muscle them becomes lazier as it’s not being used.

According to statistics, one in four children will develop a lazy eye and it’s usually picked up at around the age of four. This is usually when Reception year children have their eye tests

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Hotel Tycoon Review


Anything with the word Tycoon in the title suggests the winner is going to become rich, and this means that we may all get to be a little competitive when playing. Hotel Tycoon is exactly this kind of game with the winner the player who isn’t bankrupt at the end of the game.


The game is designed for 2-4 players aged 8 and over. Sometimes you can look at a game and decide that younger children will be able to play. It took 7yo a little while to grasp this game when we were playing, so I do think the age clarification is spot on for Hotel Tycoon.


Before you play the game for the first time, it’s worth noting that the pieces will need putting together. The buildings are constructed with cardboard and plastic, which are then stored in the box assembled for the next

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