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My Sunday Photo – Puppy Bundle




We went to see Lola puppy yesterday and 7yo was getting all of the attention. Two of the three puppies thought it would be funny to bundle all over her. She didn’t look as though she minded too much.




Project 365 13th – 19th July







13th – A visit to see Lola puppy. She was having kisses with 19yo

14th – School report came home today. A very proud Mummy moment.

15th – I ordered lunch at work today and this arrived with my order. It was my last day at work this week.

16th – Leftovers for dinner almost every night this week. I managed to make a chicken curry from bombay potato mix and it was quite nice.

17th – Off to the library to join the summer reading challenge

18th – Teaching Daddy to do hand clapping

19th – Another visit to see Lola puppy before we bring her home in a couple of weeks.

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Save Money This Summer And Win


The Summer holidays are here, and for a lot of parents it can be a daunting prospect to think of how to entertain the kids for the long holidays. CBeebies have a way to save money this Summer, and I also have a chance to win an annual subscription to CBeebies magazine at the same time.

cbeebies kids go free issue cover

CBeebies magazine has teemed up with Merlin Entertainments to give parents the chance to save up to £355 on kids attractions this Summer. Between 16th July and 7th October there will be two vouchers for kids to go free for a variety of popular locations including Legoland, Chessington World of Adventures and Sealife Centre,

kids go free

The first issue was released on 16th July (so out now) and contains offers for the Sealife Centres and Seal Sanctuaries.

cbeebies kids go free spread

I also have an amazing giveaway for you as well in conjunction with telling your about this amazing way to save money this Summer holidays whilst letting the kids think you are super parents.

One lucky reader of the blog can win an annual subscription to CBeebies magazine, which will keep the kids entertained all year round. All you need to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below.

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Win competitions at

Preparing For Holiday With Protest Clothing


I’ve been doing a lot of holiday shopping over the last few weeks with our upcoming holiday looming. Protest is a company founded in Holland by a group of snowboarders. The clothing ranges cover a variety of clothes wear  designed to fit around the board wear theme. After browsing the website and realising there is so much more to board wear than wearing shorts and t-shirts in Summer and jackets and trousers in Winter, I was happy to accept an offer of reviewing some samples.




A surprise was on its way to me, and whilst a little apprehensive, I was also excited after more browsing of the website and seeing plenty of pieces that I would like.

I was sent a lovely parcel including a gorgeous lightweight tunic, flip-flops, and accessories.



The tunic is unlike anything I have ever worn before, and I’m not entirely sure I would have chosen it myself if I’d seen it in a shop. However, once I put it on, I realised how much I actually loved it. Having a tie waist means that I can have it as tight or as loose as I want according to comfort. I think the top looks lovely paired with leggings as seen above, but it’s going to be equally as lovely to have wearing over a bikini walking to and from the pool on holiday.

I don’t feel restricted at all wearing the top, and it hides all the bits I don’t want to have on show. A bargain at £27.99.



No outfit is complete without footwear. I live in flip-flops through the summer, but I remember last time I bought some really nice ones and wore them on holiday around the pool every day. All the pattern disappeared from them, so when I investigated these flip-flops from Protest, I realised they were going to be the answer to my prayers. Not only do they have a unique sole to them making them anti slip around the pool area, they are made of rubber so you wont ruin these around water.

Despite being made for use around water, don’t let this put you off general wear. They really are very comfortable. I haven’t got the impression they will mould to your feet like some other brands do after use, and they feel more solid when walking, but the pretty detailing on the straps make them very feminine and fit to a variety of outfits.

Stamp slaps are £9.99

I can’t wait to take both on holiday with me this year.
Disclosure – I received the clothes free of charge but all opinions are my own

Top Tips For Holiday Packing




I remember the last time we went abroad, when unpacking I discovered a bottle of hand sanitizer had exploded in my wash bag. Nothing was ruined, but it was a bit of a nuisance having to clean everything off.

I vowed to make sure I was prepared for any future holiday packing, so have been scouring for some great hints and tips to make transferring your holiday items safely from home to holiday.


  • Pack bottles in a zip lock bag therefore if one explodes with the pressure, then you wont ruin other items.
  • Clothes also work well packed in zip lock bags. Eileen from Et Speaks From Home recommends flattening clothes in zip lock bags to act as space savers.



  • Place heavy items such as shoes at the bottom of the case so when the case is on it’s edge the shoes don’t crush the clothes.


  • Save time by packing everything you need for the pool in one case is a great idea from Pippa at Red Rose Mummy.


  • Encourage the children to get a good night’s sleep by taking their own pillow, encouraging familiar feels, smells etc says Joanne from Charlie Moos.


  • Think! Do you REALLY need all of that you’re packing?



  • Once the suitcase is packed, take a look at it and decide if you’ll recognise it instantly when it goes around the carousel. If you’re not sure if it’ll stand out, how about decorating it, or adding something like this to your case to make it unique.


  • When the holiday is over, there’s nothing worse than bringing home a suitcase of mixed clean and dirty clothes. Lauren from Belle Du Brighton suggests a plastic bag to store the dirty clothes in separating them from any clean ones.


  • Once you’re on holiday Swazi has some great tips to relax whilst you’re on holiday.

Have I missed anything? What are your top holiday packing tips?


Win A £50 Bonmarche Voucher




How often do you treat yourself to a new outfit? I know I don’t very often. 7yo always seems to come first when it comes to new clothes.

Bonmarche is the leading UK’s value ladies clothing retailer with sizes from 10-24. With the warm weather firmly in place here in the UK at the moment, I have been browsing the Bon Marche site to see what I would choose with £50.

- Beaded tropical floral print sun dress – £25

- Multi bead short necklace – £8

- Sequin wedge flip flop sandals – £8


A bargain outfit for just £41

Would you like to win a £50  Bonmarche voucher to buy yourself some new clothes? If so enter using the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win competitions at

Summer Flowers From Appleyard London


Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Flowers have a lovely way of putting a smile on the face of the person receiving them, whatever the occasion.


Last week I was lucky enough to receive a bouquet of my choice from Appleyard London. Initially browsing through the site, I did wonder how I was ever going to choose as there were so many lovely bouquets showing a mix of styles and colours. The Summer Coulis bouquet jumped right out of the page at me and I knew this would be the choice for me.

The perfect choice for Summer with bright cerise pink germini, blue Agapanthus, summer foliage and roses. Bright and colourful, I knew these would brighten up my home.


The flowers arrived very well packaged in a box. Upon opening, I could see the flowers were nestled well inside a cardboard staging that helped them stay upright in the box. Once I removed, I saw they were then in a lovely gift bag, so if you are buying to present as a gift then the bag hides the base of the bouquet holding the casing keeping the flowers hydrated.


Somehow I found the perfect shaped vase to display this bouquet. I was careful to keep the bouquet in tact as I’m not the greatest at flower arranging.

The colours in the bouquet have really brightened up my living room, and have had some admiring from neighbours this weekend. Six days on and the flowers are still looking fresh and like new. I have been very careful to trim their stems every couple of days as this encourages them to stay looking healthy.

I have been very impressed with the quality and delivery of the bouquet and would certainly use Appleyard London again when purchasing flowers.

For a 33% discount on flowers, you can use the code GIFT33

Disclosure – I received this bouquet free of charge but all opinions are my own

The School Report




It’s that time of year again with the school report arriving home in the book bags. I always knew I would get a good report for 7yo in terms of politeness (at school), and eagerness to learn (at school).

I did a mini chuckle when I saw the picture on the front of her report. It was from her Clown Day last term. Trust her to be posing with a silly look. All part of her character!

Reading the comments for 7yo’s personality made me smile and feel proud of my daughter. Onto the curriculum and I was super pleased to see she is just above the National Average for the key subjects. I’m hoping the extra practice we’ve been doing at home have been helping her, as I know she was struggling with her numeracy at the beginning of the year.

I’d forgotten that she also took part in the stats exams this summer term, so when I turned the page, I needed to make sense of the numbers in front of me.



The numbers straight away showed me that 7yo is consistent across the board. This pleases me as it shows there isn’t an area that she lacks more than another. To learn that the National expected average for children at the end of Key Stage 1. Please parent to see she is where she should be there. Then onto the 2A’s for Maths, Reading, and Writing. This shows she is working just above the National expected average.

I know that the stats aren’t the be all and end all, but it’s a nice guide for me as a parent to see where 7yo is across the board. To know that when we are battling with Maths work at home and she’s saying she can’t do it, that actually I’m either expecting too high a level of her, or perhaps she can actually do it if she took a step back.

I’m pleased that she’s not struggling in areas that I am unable to help her in, and I’m also equally pleased that she’s not excelling in areas that may mean she would get bored if the support wasn’t there.

A very happy Mummy this afternoon.


My Sunday Photo 13/7/14


7yo came whizzing into the lounge last night on her Trunki. I caught her looking at something off to the distance. It struck me looking at the photo just how grown up she is starting to look.





Project 365 – 6th – 12th July






6th – 7yo was making a start on a homemade hopscotch idea we had out of recycling clothes packaging.

7th – We started to prepare for Hubby’s 40th birthday this week

8th – Relaxing in the sunshine with my book

9th – Dollars were purchased today.

10th – We have made a boredom board full of ideas for the Summer Holidays

11th – I had some lovely flowers delivered this morning. You’ll be able to read more about them next week

12th – Pasta bake with a twist using broccoli


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