Whispering Canyon Cafe Review

After enjoying a meal at Storybook Dining, we were excited to return to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to eat at Whispering Canyon Cafe. I had heard great reviews of both the food and the atmosphere in this Disney World restaurant, so we were all looking forward to try it out for ourselves.

whispering canyon cafe sign

Getting To Whispering Canyon Cafe

There are a variety of ways you can get to Wilderness lodge including Disney transport from one of the parks to the resort, or getting an Uber or Lyft.

If you’re travelling from Magic Kingdom to Whispering Canyon Cafe then the easiest way is to get the resort boat transport. We boarded the boat from the front of Magic Kingdom over to Wilderness Lodge.

From the dock, it’s just a short walk past the pool and then into the lobby area. The restaurant is in the far corner of the lobby.

whispering canyon cafe table

Whispering Canyon Cafe Antics

The Whispering Canyon Cafe is a table service restaurant known for its fun atmosphere. It’s also home to the famous tomato ketchup stories told at Walt Disney World.

The servers like to have a little bit of fun with you as you eat, and is great fun if you like to interact back.

The antics have been toned down since 2018, however this is the one restaurant where if you ask for tomato ketchup, you’ll get lots! Your server will call loudly to everyone else in the restaurant that tomato ketchup is needed at a table.

whispering canyon cafe cornbread

The idea is that the other guests eating have to bring you the tomato ketchup if they have it on their table. You could end up with multiple bottles of ketchup on your table. When another table asks for it, you then have to take all the bottles to them.

Menu At Whispering Canyon Cafe

The food at Whispering Canyon is famous for its skillets. The dinner menu skillets are served family style, and are on an eat all you care to enjoy basis. This means that you can ask for more of anything and it will be brought to your table. This is a little bit like the Garden Grill restaurant in Epcot.

We dined for dinner and had our choice of four different skillets. I thought we would all have to share the same skillet, but if we wanted to we could all choose different skillets.

traditional skillet at whispering canyon cafe

The choices were the traditional skillet which includes oak-smoked mustard-barbecue beef brisket and maple-chipotle pork ribs. There’s also slow-smoked pulled pork, citrus-herb chicken and western-style sausage. Not forgetting mashed potatoes, buttered corn and green beans.

The Land and Sea skillet includes smoked Salmon, citrus-herb chicken and spicy Vegan sausage. There’s also charred portobella, barbecue cauliflower, roasted potatoes, green beans and carrots.

The pig skillet includes braised pork belly, maple-chipotle barbecue pork ribs and slow-smoked pulled pork. Also included are mustard-barbecue wings, western-style sausage, mashed potatoes, buttered corn and green beans.

whispering canyon cafe milkshake

The vegetarian plant based skillet includes maple-chipotle barbecue jackfruit, spicy sausage and mustard-glazed beefless tips. There also herb-brushed trick’n chick’n, roasted potatoes, carrots, green beans and Charred Peppers.

We all chose the traditional skillet so ours arrived at the table in a large skillet to share. There was so much food and we had plenty of everything to try. I particularly liked the western sausage, as it was unlike any other sausage I have eaten in the past.

whispering canyon cafe sign

The pulled pork was delicious but I think I preferred the pulled pork from Chef Art Smith’s the previous week. I don’t think there was anything about the skillet that I didn’t enjoy.

Despite it being all you care to enjoy, we only managed to fit in seconds of the sausages and green beans before we were full up.

Dessert was to go again from this meal as there was no way we would be able to eat it straight away. We all chose the Whispering Canyon Pioneer chocolate cake which was soft and gooey and very delicious. It tasted just as nice when we ate it later that evening.

whispering canyon cafe cornbread

Our Experience

Our server was great fun and had all of his section interacting with each other whilst we ate our meal. There were two birthdays being celebrated so we all sang happy birthday which was fun.

We even all had to be included in a selfie for the birthday boy which was funny, the poor boy didn’t know where to look.

We didn’t feel rushed at all during our meal and again we saw the skill of the servers as they juggled all the tables in our section. They definitely made sure everyone had what they wanted and needed.

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