Crystal Palace Restaurant Review Walt Disney World

We’ve always walked past Crystal Palace restaurant in Magic Kingdom, but never really thought about booking a meal there. When we booked our third trip for the month of August, I decided to book lunch at Crystal Palace on our first day as it would be a good way to meet some characters, break up the day and escape the heat during the hottest part of the day.

Crystal Palace Walt disney world

Where Is Crystal Palace Restaurant At Disney World?

The Crystal palace restaurant is located just at the top of Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom in front of the Hub. As you’re facing Cinderella’s castle, turn left and a few steps away is the entrance to the greenhouse inspired Crystal Palace restaurant.

The check in desk is just at the bottom of some stairs, and at the top of the stairs is a large waiting area with some seats and fans which are welcome on a hot day. You will need a valid part ticket for Magic Kingdom to enter for your dining reservation.

Crystal Palace Character Dining

The Crystal Palace character restaurant is big, light and airy with plenty of air conditioning which was a welcome relief. The size really helps with the character interactions as well. Due to being fur characters, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Rabbit and Tigger are all quite large, so space is needed.

**Characters are currently unavailable at Crystal Palace restaurant**

Crystal Palace Walt disney world

Crystal Palace Restaurant Menu

I have heard very mixed reviews on the meals in the Crystal Palace restaurant at Disney World. Being a buffet, I decided that there would be enough choice for everyone to enjoy something.

I thought there was some lovely choices and plenty that we all enjoyed. Abby particularly enjoyed the shrimp, and one of my favourites was the honey salmon. I could have gone back for thirds or fourths of this. It was lovely to see a good selection of vegetables as well.

Menu offerings include the seasonal salad. Including mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, carrot, pickled onion, candied Pecans, and red pepper-Dijon vinaigrette.

You may also find desserts including Banana cream pie, Hummingbird cake, honey of a chocolate cupcake, and strawberry shortcake.

crystal palace lunch review

Our Experience

We booked for a 1.10pm lunch reservation, and decided to arrive at the check in desk at around 12.45pm. We were hot and having spent a busy morning in Magic Kingdom, we were ready for a rest.

The check in area was REALLY busy and we couldn’t find anywhere to sit down, but we did at least manage to stand in a shady area.

It wasn’t long before we were called for our table which was lovely and on our way to the table we were told which way the characters rotate, and that it could take up to an hour and a half. It was nice to know we wouldn’t be rushed through our meal.

I thought we had a great spot, close to the buffet and we could see a lot of the restaurant. With our drinks ordered, we set off for the buffet for our first selection.

Our server was very attentive with fresh drinks arriving on the table before the previous one had been finished.

Crystal Palace Walt disney world

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I always find that after a couple of plates of food, I am getting full, which is what any buffet restaurant will want to happen really to keep costs down.

The desserts on offer were mini selections, which were great fun and lots to try. I couldn’t try them all but gave it a good go. I did miss the soft serve ice cream machine, but Hubby spotted it.

The Crystal Palace restaurant is quite an expensive buffet meal for what you get, but there is great interaction from characters and the buffet selection is good and varied, something we didn’t see at all the buffet restaurants we tried. This is also one of the few places you can get alcohol at Magic Kingdom if you wanted a beer or wine with your meal.

We have also enjoyed eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

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Crystal Palace Walt disney world


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