Walt Disney World 2017 Trip Diary Day 9

Our last full day today! Always a sad feeling, but the day had got so much promise with the lure of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that it was impossible to be sad at the moment. We had planned a morning of swimming, however with last night’s lost phone waiting to be collected at the Contemporary Hotel, plans had changed.

Walt Disney World Trip 2017 Day 9

Abby was still asleep at 8am, so I decided to go and collect some breakfast from the island market so Hubby and Abby could eat breakfast on the go this morning. They were going to be battling that busy 9am bus, which was going to make the morning even more rushed. To get to the Contemporary hotel, they needed to take the bus to Magic Kingdom, and then walk the five minutes across to the hotel.

We had a lunch reservation at Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom at 12.30pm, so they had to be either back at the Caribbean Beach Resort by 11.30 ish, or meet me at Animal Kingdom in time for lunch. I had decided to stay at the resort and start the packing, as I wanted everything sorted before we enjoyed our last late night out at the Halloween party.

Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom

This turns out to be the only negative when relying on Disney transport, but we still love it and will use it again. It was touch and go with the two of them debating which bus would arrive first at Magic Kingdom, to either bring them back to the resort or to go straight to Animal Kingdom. I decided to meet them at the bus stop, and their bus was due in three minutes after one for Animal Kingdom, which was typical. Still we would make the reservation. Just!

It turned out that two busses for Animal Kingdom arrived before they did, and when their Magic Kingdom bus arrived and they got off the bus, Hubby sat on the bench thinking we had a twenty-minute wait, and another Animal Kingdom bus showed up, so we were actually early for our lunch reservation in the end. That was really surreal and the Disney gods were looking after us.

Lunch was nice, but way too much food. Hubby and I ordered two different burgers, but two of the same turned up at the table. I pointed out that mine should be different but the server bringing the food didn’t seem to care too much. She took it back for us at my insistence, and when our table server realised I was without food she couldn’t have been more apologetic. I was glad we chose Rainforest Cafe for the experience, and despite the mixed reviews I have read online, we would go back again.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

No time to stay and play at Animal Kingdom today, we needed to get back and get ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. We ended up not dressing up for the occasion but didn’t feel left out or different at all which was great. As we arrived at the park early, we decided to take some time playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, something we have been meaning to do over three trips. That was great fun passing some time, and we took the opportunity to go on Haunted Mansion.

It started to rain so we decided to get some dinner. It was just gone 6pm, and it seems all the smaller restaurants close on party nights around this time, so we headed to the Starlight Cafe, and enjoyed our nuggets and fries with the rest of the Magic Kingdom who were trying to escape the rain.

I have talked about the Halloween party in more detail, but we had a great evening watching the shows, collecting candy and soaking up the atmosphere. I did think it was really busy tonight, but that could be because it was the first Halloween party of the season.

Happy Hallowishes

We finally gave in around 11pm as Hubby’s foot was sore and he was hobbling around. I stopped in Starbucks to collect my Magic Kingdom You Are Here mug. The queue was horrendous and I almost didn’t bother as it was starting to rain again, but I reasoned this was the last chance I would have so I knew I would regret it if I didn’t stay and queue.

We arrived home after not too long a wait for the bus. The bonus of leaving on a  party night is that not everyone is trying to leave at the same time so the queues are better. We were all completely shattered, and probably ready for a good night’s sleep before travelling home tomorrow.

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Walt Disney World Trip 2017 Day 9


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  1. November 17, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party looks awesome, and we would love to visit at that time of year. Love the Rainforest Cafe too. Did you see anyone have the huge Volcano dessert whilst you were there ? x

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