Exploring The Jurassic Coast In Dorset

The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site stretches between Exemouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset. We are very lucky to have experienced plenty of the Jurassic Coast Dorset sections over the last few years, but we have plenty more to experience.

Jurassic Coast Dorset

I love the fact the the majority of the Jurassic Coast Dorset sections we have experienced have been dog friendly, including some of the pubs we have found along the way.

One of our favourite things to do is park the car and take a wander along the South West Coastal path until we find a pub to stop in for a drink, or maybe a bite to eat before turning around and walking back to the car.

Usually these walking sections are researched beforehand so we achieve a decent walking distance, but don’t end up getting lost.

The South West Coastal path has a huge amount of walks to explore, many of which have been mapped out for you if you’re looking for an adventure. You always know you’re on the right track by spotting the mile stones that are dotted long the path.

These provide an indication of where you are headed and how far the next village or destination is. You may be interested to read about Becky The Traveller walking the Jurassic Coast

Lulworth Cove path


Some of the paths along the coastal path can be uneven, so it’s worth wearing decent footwear like walking boots or similar if you’re going to explore. You may find yourself walking along a man made wooden fence, climbing over styles, or even walking quite close to the edge of a cliff at some points.

All of this is worth the amazing views that are on offer when our exploring the Jurassic Coast Dorset areas.

I have explored many of the sections with my family out on dog walks, but I also managed to walk 23 miles between Weymouth and Corfe Castle on a charity trek this year.

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I was treated to some very amazing sights and also some very scary moments when climbing up cliffs so steep I was scared to look down. It’s worth checking out the areas you are walking before you go to avoid getting lost, finding part of the areas closed off around the firing ranges, and being prepared for the terrains.

south west coastal path Durdle Door


Jurassic Coast Durdle Door

Durdle Door is one of our favourite places to visit in any season, and one of the most photographed landmarks along the Jurassic Coast. It’s not difficult to understand why.

To visit Man O War beach you have to walk down some steep steps, but you are rewarded with a lovely quiet beach with some amazing views. Dogs are welcome all year round on the beach, and parking is available at the top of the hill next to Durdle Door campsite.

Durdle Door

Jurassic Coast Lulworth Cove

It’s quite quick to walk between Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, but we love parking at Lulworth Cove to be able to have access to all the lovely shops and pubs on offer. A short walk around the cove and you will find yourself in the hidden fossil forest which is a lovely place to explore.

Lulworth Cove


Jurassic Coast Ringstead Bay

We discovered Ringstead Bay when looking for National Trust places to visit, but we really did find a gem. National Trust members can park for free in the large car park before either walking along the coastal path towards Durdle Door, or visit Ringstead beach and walk through the forest towards Osmington Mills. We found a lovely pub along our walks here and often stop for a drink as our half way marker.

south west coastal path Ringstead Bay

There is so much more of the Jurassic Coast Dorset sections we have to explore such as Kimmeridge Bay, Chesil Beach, Golden Cap and more of the Swanage area. If you are planning a visit to Dorset, I would highly recommend seeking out a visit to some of the amazing areas I have mentioned above.

One of the best places to collect fossils is Charmouth, one of the most famous places along the Jurassic Coast for fossils. We also like to explore the large rocks along Kimmeridge Bay to see if we can spot any gems.

Jurassic Coast Dorset


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