Why We Keep Booking Holidays To Walt Disney World

That time of year has arrived again. The week when Walt Disney Travel Company release their free dining offer for UK guests travelling the following year.

If you’re from the UK and you know you’re going to be going to Walt Disney World next year and you’re thinking of staying in a Disney resort then this is the offer for you. We have utilised this offer three out of four trips and have saved money and learned a lot along the way.

A Walt Disney World holiday should come with a public health warning because you must be prepared for the fact that you will always want to return after visiting once.

Visiting Walt Disney World was always something I would have liked to do before we booked for the first time, but it was never a priority and there was always something else to spend the money on. It was really down to Hubby’s Mum being the driving force behind wanting everyone to visit on our first trip in 2014. We stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort on advice of the travel agent and fell in love with it.

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Once we had arrived home in the Summer of 2014, visiting Walt Disney World again was all I could think about, and eventually we booked again to visit in the Spring of 2016. This also tied in well with the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot, something I really wanted to experience. We also stayed at Caribbean Beach resort again and took advantage of the free Disney dining plan, utilising the quick service dining plan.

During this second trip we realised that it cost us quite a bit of money to pay for two table service meals that we had booked, Garden Grill and Be Our Guest. We vowed then and there that if we were ever to visit again we would upgrade our dining plan to include table service meals.

I’m guessing a return visit was inevitable as after a few months all I could think about was booking another trip. It focuses my mind when I have a holiday to pay for, and I have gotten quite savvy with ways to save for our Disney holidays and how to utilise offers to save even more money along the way.

Our third trip was in the hot Summer period during August and it was indeed very hot. I loved it though, but it would have been too hot for Hubby’s Mum, so when we decided a fourth trip would be on the cards, we decided we would book during the Spring time again.

During our 2017 trip we did indeed upgrade the dining plan to include table service meals and we had such a great time experiencing different restaurants such as Hoop De Doo Revue, Crystal Palace, Via Napoli and Rainforest Cafe.

I’ve been looking at the dates for our Easter holidays next year and spotted some great date ideas, we just had to wait to see if Walt Disney World would release their free dining offer again for 2019 holidays.

This happened yesterday, and after some deliberation with dates and comparing prices, we decided to book today to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter instead of Caribbean Beach resort. We have decided a change is as good as a rest with the resort and I would love to experience different resorts.

So why do we keep booking holidays to Walt Disney World?

I definitely caught the Disney bug on our first visit and Abby loves it almost as much as I do. We make amazing memories with each trip and I want to pack in as many as I can before Abby gets too old and doesn’t appreciate it anymore. Although at the moment I’m not sure that will happen.

Walt Disney World is always changing, new things are added all the time. For example the next time we go Toy Story land will be open, but we’ll just miss Star Wars Land.

Even after three trips we haven’t seen it all or experienced everything Disney has to offer, and I doubt we ever will see it all. None of that matters as we just love it when we’re “home”.


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  1. April 29, 2018 / 11:37 am

    It’s definiately a life long love affair once you have been. I went in 2007 and 2009, I’m hoping to take Daisy and Jake in a couple of years. It’s such a magical place x

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