Surprise Disney Trip Reveal Ideas

When you book a Disney trip of any kind, there is always the question of do you keep it a secret from the kids or family members, or do you include them in the excitement. We have come across many surprise Disney trip ideas over the past few years as we have been going to Walt Disney World.

surprise Disney trip ideas

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For us personally, we have booked four trips to Walt Disney World, the first in 2014 which was a complete surprise Disney trip for Abby on her birthday. We gave her a personalised balloon in a Disney castle box.

The second trip in 2016, we included her in the booking and planning process. The third trip in 2017, we gave her a surprise reveal on her birthday again, but this time it was a personalised cake.

We have literally just booked again and this time she knew about it before we booked. There are so many pros to finding different surprise Disney reveal ideas, as the look on faces when the reveal happens is priceless.

surprise Disney trip ideas

Pop Up Card

A pop up Disney inspired card is a great way to catch attention from people when you want that slow recognition on their faces that something big is happening. I love this ideas for children especially as they take their time to read the message you have written inside the card.

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Mickey and Minnie Balloons

Can you imagine walking into a room with large helium Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons waiting for you. This would certainly get a great reaction

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Light box

I love light boxes and think they have so many fun opportunities for messages. A Light box would work really well with a surprise Disney trip ideas message added to it. Perhaps it could be left to see if the recipient of the surprise notices.

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Photo Message

A photo message would be a lovely keep sake for a surprise Disney trip idea. It can be personalised to include what is special to you and your loved ones going on the Disney trip with you.

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surprise Disney trip ideas


Personalised Disney Reveal Balloons

Disney reveal balloons are such a fun idea. As I mentioned we had a personalised balloon for our first surprise Disney trip idea. This worked really well and even when the helium had gone out of it, we have still kept the balloon as a memory of our holiday to Walt Disney World.

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When putting together a surprise Disney trip reveal box, I think tickets are a good thing to give. Often now, all tickets for Disney are linked on Magic Bands, or you collect them when you arrive, so it’s nice to give something physical.┬áTickets are also a great prize at the end of a scavenger hunt.

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Everyone loves a new mug don’t they. I often take special personalised mugs to work to use at my desk. This way I get to remember the surprise Disney trip reveal memories every time I look at it.

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Countdown Plaque

Last but not least on my reveal list of surprise Disney trip ideas is a countdown plaque. These are so much fun and can then be used for the remainder of the countdown getting all the family involved.

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That’s my list of surprise Disney trip ideas for revealing a Disney trip to your loved ones. Have you tried any of the above?



  1. April 29, 2018 / 8:48 am

    I love these ideas, the look on their faces when you surprise them is just priceless. It’s so hard to keep quiet though, I remember being busting for months to tell them we were going. I just need to get someone to surprise me with a trip now !

  2. May 1, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    Ah I love all these ideas. We surprised ours the second time we went. We went in May so the Christmas before they both got a Disney box filled with all things Disney and a note telling them where we were going. Their faces were a picture x

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