Where To Find Hidden Mickeys In Magic Kingdom

Spotting Hidden Mickeys is a great fun, free activity at Disney World. It’s also a great distraction when waiting in standby lines and for distracting tired hot children. There are some great Hidden Mickeys at Magic Kingdom to discover. When you spot them, it does get quite addictive to try and spot even more.

What Is A Hidden Mickey?

The definition of a Hidden Mickey is a partial or complete image of Mickey Mouse that has been adapted or hidden by the Disney Imagineers. These hidden Disney images have been cleverly created and designed to blend into the background, and not all of them are obvious at all at first glance.

Many people have their own interpretation of what a Hidden Mickey is and that’s fine. There is no hard and fast rule as to what may be an official Hidden Mickey and what won’t be.

Magic Kingdom Hidden Mickeys

With six areas in Magic Kingdom, it covers a large space with lots of different imagineering, meaning there are plenty of places to hide a Hidden Mickey in the designs.

I doubt it would be possible to ever spot them all, especially as over time attractions and areas are remodelled and designed, but it’s always fun trying to spot new ones. Even before you enter Magic Kingdom Park, there are Hidden Mickeys on the floor.

Fantasyland Hidden Mickeys

In the standby line of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you can look up near the entrance to spot a smiling Mickey on the wooden crossbar that holds a lantern.

There are two Hidden Mickeys made of lettuce and tomatoes in the shape of a head in the garden of Winnie The Pooh’s Adventures.

Inside Be Our Guest restaurant, you can spot cut out Mickey’s on the axe blade in the suit or armour room.

Also inside the Be Our Guest restaurant, in the rose gallery seating area. Look at Chip and Mrs Potts in the bathroom. Chip is playing bubbles that form a Hidden Mickey.

Another Hidden Mickey to be spotted inside the restaurant is on the ceiling in the main dining room. There are plenty of Mickeys in the clouds.

At the standby entrance of Journey of the Little Mermaid, there is a Hidden Mickey made of rocks near the top right of the sign.

Near the famous Tangled toilets, there is a mural just near the entrance to the toilets. In the corner there is a classic purple Hidden Mickey.

Check out Gaston’s fountain near the gift shop and spot a Hidden Mickey in the stone work at the bottom of the fountain.

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Tomorrowland Hidden Mickeys

Visit the Tomorrowland Speedway late morning on a sunny day and you can spot a classic Mickey shadow on the pavement.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin ride has Mickey hiding in the first interactive room with targets. Look back and to the right of your vehicle to spot it.

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Take note of the planets in the standby queue for Buzz Lightyear, as some of them are cleverly shaped into Mickey heads.

Frontierland Hidden Mickeys

On Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, there are three stalagmites in the cavern on your right at the start of the ride. Look down at the floor!

As you come back into the station on the same ride, look for three rusty gears laying on the grass.

Adventureland Hidden Mickeys

On Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in the treasure room at the end, there is a lock designed as a Mickey shape.

In the gift shop at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there are coins and plates designed into shapes of Mickey.

Liberty Square Hidden Mickeys

The padlocks on the stocks in the centre of Liberty Square are designed to look like classic Hidden Mickeys.

On the Haunted Mansion ride in the ghostly banquet, there are plates arranged on the table in the form of a Hidden Mickey.

In the main dining room in Columbia Harbour House, there is a framed map on wall. There are three circular sections making a Hidden Mickey.

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