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Best Shoes For Disney World

Just what are the best shoes for Disney World? After three trips I have learned what footwear is more comfortable, and what to avoid on your feet. A typical day at Disney World can see you walking in excess of 20,000 steps, especially in a large park such as Magic Kingdom.

You may want to think about your fitness levels before you visit to help your feet. There is nothing worse than having the wrong footwear on and being uncomfortable, so here are some options on what to wear on your feet at Walt Disney World.

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Best Trainers For Disney World

Trainers can be some of the best walking shoes for Disney World if you’re not a fan of wearing sandals, or flip-flop style shoes. They can be very comfortable on your feet, and may provide the best support for long walking distances.

The pros of wearing trainers in the parks are that your feet are secure once wearing them. There is no worries that they will fall off on rides where your feet may dangle.  After a long day of being on your feet, trainers will have provided some good support. A good option for wearing trainer style footwear are Sketchers Go Walks.

The cons of wearing trainers in the parks are that if it rains, your trainers may get wet and then you’re walking around in wet shoes which isn’t very comfortable.

It also may mean that you have to let your trainers dry out again before you can wear them. This may not be easy to do if you don’t have access to be able to dry them out.

On a very hot day in Walt Disney World, your feet may get very sweaty in trainers. This can lead to blisters, so make sure you’ve packed the plasters just in case.

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Best Flip Flops For Disney

Can you wear flip flops to Disney World? A lot of people choose flip-flops when walking around the parks. I always pack a pair in my case, but they aren’t my preferred option of daily wear for the parks.

I do believe however they are the best shoes for rain at Disney as they dry so quickly once the storm has passed. You also don’t end up walking around with wet feet for very long.

Flip flops will let your feet breathe, they won’t get too hot, and when it does decide to rain in Florida, which invariably it will, you can walk through the puddles, and your feet will dry quickly afterwards.

You won’t have to worry about drying out your feet or your footwear afterwards. I have found the best flip flops for Disney are those with thicker soles.

There isn’t a lot of support in flip-flops, so if you’re feet aren’t used to them before you go then you may find your feet are sore quite quickly. You will need to watch out that you don’t lose your flip-flops when on some rides, it may be a good idea to take them off and sit on them just in case.

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Best Sandals For Disney

There are many types of sandals on the market to choose from, but which are the most comfortable sandals for Disney World? I have worn flat sandals with ankle support in the past and also thicker wedged sandals as well. Each have their pros and cons like all shoes.

I like sandals for the parks as your feet can breathe and you also don’t have to worry too much about getting your feet wet depending on the material of your sandals. The best sandals for Disney World that I have found are a brand called Sanuk.

Are Sanuks good for your feet? The soles are made from Yoga mats making them really soft underfoot. I bought a pair before I went to Mallorca earlier this year and wore them all weekend without any discomfort at all. We walked a lot that weekend, so I knew I had made a good choice for our upcoming Disney trip this year.

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If your sandals are completely flat, make sure they provide enough support for your feet, otherwise they will ache after a short while. Also look at what your sandals are made from as if you haven’t broken them in before you travel, you may find them rubbing in places.

After three Walt Disney trips under my belt, I know that I will wear a mixture of trainers, flip-flops and sandals through the holiday.

If you’re wondering what the best shoes for walking around Disney World are then I hope this post has helped you.

It’s always recommended to take more than one pair of shoes as you just don’t know how your feet will react to wearing different footwear in the different climate. Last year I got blisters from wearing a pair of shoes that were fine when wearing at home.

What do you prefer to wear on your feet at Walt Disney World?

Best shoes for Disney World