Travelling With Pets – Caravan Holidays With Dogs

Pet friendly holidays have become very popular in recent years. We took Lola on her first holiday last Summer after spending some time looking for dog and child friendly holidays. and in hindsight I wish we had been a little more prepared.

It’s not always easy when you’re travelling with pets staying in a caravan, but don’t let it put you off if you’re thinking of taking your dog on holiday with you. Family holidays with dogs in a caravan can be a great option. If you don’t have your own, then you will need to look at different options depending on where you want to travel to.

caravan holidays with dogs

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When we decided we wanted to take Lola on holiday with us, we started looking for holiday parks that accept dogs within a two hour drive, as we knew we didn’t want to travel too far from home with her in the car.

There are more and more dog friendly caravan parks around than there ever used to be, and we found the popular holiday company Haven to be competitive on prices for caravan parks that accept dogs. There is always a surcharge when taking a dog, and some places will only accept up to two dogs, so it’s worth reading the terms and conditions before you book.


Check Out The Area

Caravan parks often have good local amenities. Make sure you check out the area of where you are staying. Will there be plenty to do with your dog? There is no point in finding great accommodation if you can’t enjoy the activities and amenities on offer. Our stay to Haven at Doniford Bay proved to be very dog friendly.

The top things we look for when enjoying caravan holidays with dogs include a local dog friendly beach, a good expanse of green space to be able to walk her, and plenty of pet friendly places to sit and enjoy the on site facilities.

Before You Unpack

It’s a common suspicion that if booking pet friendly caravan parks, then you won’t be getting the best accommodation. Now this isn’t always true, but what I would say is check out the accommodation when you arrive to make sure that standards are being met.

Just because you are taking your pet, doesn’t mean standards should be any lower. Perhaps expect not to have the newest luxurious furnishings that the caravan next door has got, but there is a certain level to abide by. If all isn’t well as you check in then it’s easier to get it sorted before you’ve unpacked.

Where Will Your Dog Sleep?

We like to keep Lola’s routine as normal as possible. Obviously when we stay somewhere different there are lots of smells to entertain her for ages until she settles in. We have always crated Lola at night since she was a puppy, so we decided to take the crate on holiday with us to the caravan.

This was the best decision we could have made as not only did it mean she was safe, she couldn’t run destroy anything during the night or if we popped out for dinner.

Outside Space

Generally there is a decent amount of space between the caravan and your car parking space. We quickly learned that we could link Lola’s lead through the steps of the caravan that were very secure, or open the boot of the car and use the latch at the base of the boot.

This meant that Lola got some fresh air, and also if we were cooking in the caravan she was safer outside than in the smaller areas inside when the gas hob was on.


Inside Space

Staying in a caravan comes with its own challenges for some even without taking pets. A caravan is a lot smaller than your home, and the corridors are narrower, and living space limited. Adding a pet into the mix can make your space feel even more cramped so do consider this before you book a pet friendly caravan.

We found it worked out very well for us by having Lola’s crate set up. The living area is usually divided in a caravan with two corner seating areas. We rearranged our living space slightly which gave us so much more room, and also gave Lola her own corner sofa area if she wanted it.

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Do you take your pets on holiday? What are your top tips for dog friendly holidays?


caravan holidays with dogs



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  1. July 28, 2017 / 6:15 am

    My pooch is called Lola too, bless her cottons… I Love your suggestions, I learnt to always take the dog cage, although we don’t do caravans we are more tent campers, the cage is the essential ingredient!…

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