How To Entertain Kids On National Trust Walks

Being a member of the National Trust for over a year now, we have visited quite a few local places on more than one occasion. Kingston Lacy is one of our favourites, as well as Corfe Castle. I do find that when we say we’re going to the same place again and again, Abby starts to grumble that we’ve been there too often. She always enjoys it when we’re there though as there is plenty of ideas to entertain kids on National Trust walks.

National Trust Walks

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Climbing Trees

I don’t think we have ever been to a National Trust property and not found a tree to climb. We have had great fun finding small and large trees and seeing how high Abby can climb. We will often come across felled trees as well which make climbing even easier.

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Depending on where we’re walking we can often decide on something to collect on our National Trust walks. Whether it’s pretty shaped stones, leaves in different shapes or colours, there’s always something to look out for along the way.

National Trust Kingston Lacy

Daisy Chains

There’s something fun about picking the daisies, making daisy chains and wearing them as crowns or necklaces. It’s a great way to focus on motor skills and patience without the kids realising it as well.

Den Building

If you can find a wooded area then I imagine you will be able to find the tools to build a den. We love it at Kingston Lacy woods especially as there is a huge area that has been started with dens and trees. Easily adaptable for kids to add to and change which is great fun. I’m just glad there are well positioned benches to sit on whilst I’m waiting.

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Make A Dam in a Stream

At Mottisfont House in Somerset, there is an amazing stream that has been adapted to include a water pumping station and channels for the water to flow. There’s always plenty of opportunities to find some sticks and build a dam in the stream here.

National trust Mottisfont

Snail Racing

Have a look around and see if you can spot a couple of snails, set them up and race against the parents to see who can win.

Pooh Sticks

Everyone loves playing pooh sticks, even the adults. You can always find plenty of sticks on National Trust walks, just find the stream and a bridge and you’re off.

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Climb A Hill

National trust Properties have plenty of hilly areas, find a huge hill to climb and then you may even get to roll down it again afterwards.

Bird Watching

Despite growing up with a bird enthusiast as a parent, I don’t know enough about species of birds. It’s fun listening to the different sounds we hear on our National Trust walks though, and trying to work out the types of birds we spot as the seasons change.

National Trust Mottisfont

Despite the moans and groans before we get out, I know the whole family enjoy our National Trust walks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, there is always something new and exciting to see whatever National Trust property we’re visiting.

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National Trust Walks


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