Walt Disney World 2017 Trip Diary Day 4

Today was our first relaxation day and we had decided to visit a water park. It’s no secret that I  love Blizzard Beach, and I really wanted to visit again this year as last year we only had time for Typhoon Lagoon. I was outvoted though and we went back to Typhoon Lagoon today.

We are still getting up early and we arrived at Typhoon Lagoon, even with the new bus system and changing at Disney Springs, at 9.30, so we were waiting in a queue to get in when the park opened at 10am.

First stop is always the lazy river for me and it was nice and quiet at this time for the morning. We spent a good hour or so floating around and then headed to the wave pool. The reason Hubby and Abby choose this park is the wave pool, and they enjoy it a lot. Our sunbeds were just on the edge of the pool so we were well placed.

Today really did end up being relaxing as we ended up just relaxing, using the lazy river and the wave pool. I think it was just the down time we needed and despite not going on any of the water rides, we didn’t feel we missed out on anything. The weather was perfect, a little overcast but warm, and it meant that the ground wasn’t too hot for bare feet to walk on today which was great.

After a quick service lunch, we changed and headed back to the resort to rest and get ready for the evening as we were back at Ft Wilderness for a meal at Trails End.

We were expecting a storm, and hoped that we would be able to use the boat transport to get across to Ft Wilderness, so what we decided after knowing from yesterday the times of Hoop De Doo and when to expect the boats to be busy, we went a little earlier thinking we could enjoy a drink whilst we waited for our reservation.

We timed everything perfectly, as around fifteen minutes are we arrived at Ft Wilderness, there was a huge storm. It was quite nice sitting on the verandah watching it, and also we were dry and not the poor people who were coming off the boats into the rain.

In hindsight I don’t think we should have booked two consecutive days at the same resort for dinner, as Trails End was a let down compared to Hoop De Doo. I think if the meals had been broken up by a week or so we would have enjoyed Trails End a little more. The food was lovely and tasted good, but the service was poor, our server just didn’t want to be there and unfortunately it was obvious to us.

Trails End is one of the cheaper buffet meals, which was obvious in the choice of food, however we left full up and really enjoyed the fried chicken again.

The rain had stopped by the time we finished dinner, and we decided to finish off the night by going back to the resort for an early night. We were going to Disney Springs in the morning with a late night at Epcot, so the rest was needed.

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