Walt Disney World 2017 Trip Diary Day 5

This morning we had decided to have a little bit of a lie in and also to try the buffet tent at Caribbean Beach resort. As the construction work was happening, the regular food court was closed and a temporary tent is in its place. We hadn’t eaten in the tent yet, so we decided to see what it was going to be like.

I have to admit it was a little confusing as we had to queue to pay (using our quick service dining plan), and then queue again to get a wrist band, and then queue again to wait for a table to become free. There was a decent amount of choice for breakfast as we enjoyed some Mickey waffles, bacon, eggs, sausages and pastries. There was also fruit, biscuits, and some other items to choose from. The nice touch from Disney was the free coffee on offer so I could use my refillable mug for the soft drink, and also get a takeaway coffee to enjoy with my breakfast.

We were all in agreement after breakfast that we were glad we had tried it, but it wasn’t for us and we would go back to enjoying snacks from the village markets.

This morning we were due to go to Disney Springs for a look around and to collect our gift card that we were given when we booked the holiday last year. Disney Springs has changed a lot in the last year and there is so much more open, but the layout really threw us for a while and we couldn’t work out where the World of Disney shop was.

As we got over being lost, it didn’t take us long to collect the gift card, and spend it! It was a hot day today and we thought it would be good for a mid day swim and rest before going to Epcot late this evening. As we were walking back towards the bus stops, the clouds went black then the rain came down. It was torrential so we sheltered in the nearest shop. Five minutes later the sun was out and the pavements steaming as they dried. It’s surreal the Florida weather.

Today was the day of the Eclipse so instead of swimming, we sat on the beach next to the lake at our resort and watched through our phone cameras. Hubby was fascinated with the storm that was happening in the distance, and whilst it was quite cloudy we did get to see glimpses. It was soon time to make our way over to Epcot for our dinner reservation at Via Napoli. We all really enjoyed this restaurant and came out very full afterwards. Our plan was to stay for Illuminations later, so as we had some time to waste before our 7pm Fastpass of Soarin’ again, we wandered down to the Beach Club resort, I have always wanted to have a nosey inside so I can now say I’ve done it. It’s nice, but I’m not sure I would rush to book it. It would be very convenient for popping across to Epcot and the boat service to Hollywood Studios, so I would never say never if finances allowed in the future.

Back into Epcot we stopped in the Canada Pavilion and listened to the band playing. This was a welcome relief from the heat as it felt very hot today, and coupled with our full tummy, we were feeling quite tired. The air conditioning in the Land is amazing, as we took full advantage as we went towards Soarin’. We had around an hour before Illuminations so we decided to pop and get a frozen lemonade and the lovely lady gifted us a Mickey pretzel which was a lovely touch. Not that we needed any more food, but somehow Abby managed to devour it as we parked ourselves between Canada and UK to watch Illuminations.

As always Illuminations was brilliant, it’s my second favourite night time show at Walt Disney World, and I always look forward to watching it. The queues walking out of Epcot aren’t as bad as Magic Kingdom, but it still gets quite crowded, so we like being at the edge of the World showcase so we miss a lot of the crowds as everyone tries to exit at the same time.

We didn’t wait long for a bus tonight, and were home quite quickly, and in bed resting our tired feet in preparation for another busy day tomorrow and Animal Kingdom.

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