Review – Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van

We’re big fans of Sylvanian Families here, previously having reviewed the Corgi Family, Boutique, Fresian Cow Family and more. The Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van doesn’t disappoint as part of the range.

Sylvanian Families hot dog van

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Included in the box is the ready-made Sylvanian Families hot dog van with additions in the form of signs, stickers, rabbit shaped waffles, hot dogs, coffee cups, pretzels, buns, tomato sauce and mustard bottles, and snacks to please even the fussiest customers.

The attention to detail included in the Sylvanian Families hot dog van is very impressive, and comparing it to the Sylvanian Families ice cream van that we already own is actually superior I think.

There aren’t any figures included in this set, however an outfit is provided in the form of an apron and headband. The van also has a great feature on the back that will allow attachments of other Sylvanian Family sets such as the popcorn cart or the candy wagon.

I love that a lot of the Sylvanian Family range inter connects with each other as it makes the imagination flow when children are playing. It also really helps with the storage and presentation of the sets.

Sylvanian Families hot dog van

The pieces included in the hot dog van set are small and not suitable for children under 3 years of age. However whilst they are small, they are manageable and actually I find them easier to use than pieces included in some of the other sets we already own.

There is plenty of room in the hot dog van to store everything, and the pieces sit nicely on their shelves and slots during play.

The hot dog van as a standalone piece of play equipment is well made and sturdy. There is definite quality to Sylvanian Family products that I know are worth the price tag.

I never worry that the pieces will break during play, and I can definitely say the same for the hot dog van. The van retails at around £22 which is good value for money considering the amount of items that are included.

Sylvanian Families hot dog van

Disclosure – we received the hot dog van free of charge but all opinions are our own





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