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Are you looking for a Disney quiz for kids? Do you have a Disney princess fan in the house? How about a game of Disney Princess Trivia to keep everyone’s Disney princess knowledge up to scratch.

There’s a FREE printable at the end of the post as well to enjoy the game at home or whilst travelling. We’ve included a Disney princess trivia game for kids with a FREE printable, and also a separate Disney princess trivia quiz with FREE printable too.

How many Disney princesses are there? Who is the youngest Disney princess? Who was the first Disney princess?

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know the answers to these questions and more? FYI there are 12 princesses, Snow White is the youngest princess and also the first Disney princess.

Imagine the next visit to a Disney theme park, where you all know the answers to these Disney questions.

You can then ask the princesses to make your character meet and greet interactive and fun. Do you know what Belle’s father does? Why he’s an inventor of course!

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies, and we love exploring everything Beauty and the Beast related at Disney World.

Let’s travel into the enchanting World of Disney Princesses with this ultimate Disney Princess quiz.

Disney princess trivia quiz

Disney Princess Trivia Printable For Kids

If the kids like to play a game with trivia cards, then this kids Princess trivia printable is perfect. There’s lot’s of different ways you can play and incorporate into your kids time.

How To Play Disney Princess Trivia

There are 30 different printable Disney princesses quiz questions included in this trivia game, and you can choose to play this trivia game in a variety of different ways.

The Disney princess quiz for kids covers six different princesses including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel.

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Cut out the individual Disney quiz questions cards which have the answers on the bottom. Ask the questions and only reveal the card to the person who answers correctly. The winner of the game is the person with the most cards at the end of the game.

Cut the answers off the bottom of the question cards before you play, and offer a match the trivia questions to the answers for each player. The winner is the first person to match each question and answer correctly.

Offer out paper and pens, asking the questions and encouraging the players to write down the answers. The winner is the player who gets the most questions correct.

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Fun Ideas To Use The Kids Disney Princess Quiz Printable

There are so many different ideas to incorporate this Disney princess trivia quiz into your lives. You could offer as part of a fun Disney trip reveal, or perhaps take the quiz questions with you as part of a travel activity for the children whilst travelling.

How about at a children’s party as an ice breaker, or even as a family game night. You could also incorporate the Disney movies emoji quiz also available as a free printable.

Disney princess trivia with answers

Disney Princess Quiz Questions And Answers

An added bonus to the kids Princess trivia quiz game. Do you prefer a printed list of trivia questions and answers? Why not quiz the family or friends with these fun Disney Princess quiz questions.

Why did Cinderella have to be home by midnight?

That is when the spell would end

Who found Ariel on the beach?

Max the dog

Who is the villain in Snow White?

The Evil Queen

What is surrounding the castle when the prince shows up to save Sleeping Beauty?



What are the names of Cinderella’s pet mice?

Gus-Gus, Jack and Mary

Who asks Jasmine “Do you trust me?”


Who is the first Disney princess not from Royalty?


Which Disney princess has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

Snow White


Who is the only Disney princess with a tattoo?


Who is the only Disney princess to have brothers?


Which of the Disney princesses are left handed?

Mulan and Tiana are the only left handed Disney princesses

What’s the name of Ariel’s underwater kingdom?

Ariel lives in Atlantica

What’s the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger?

Jasmine’s tiger is called Rajah

What name does Princess Aurora also go by?

Princess Aurora is also known as Briar Rose

Where does Princess Tiana live?

Princess Tiana lives in New Orleans

What is Belle’s favourite thing to do?

Belle loves to read


Who keeps Rapunzel locked up in the tower?

Mother Gothel keeps Rapunzel in the tower

What’s the name of Merida’s father?

Merida’s father is King Fergus

What does Jasmine realise she’s without when she visits the market?

Jasmine hasn’t any money 

What’s the name of Rapunzel’s Chameleon friend?


Who is Ariel’s best friend?

Ariel’s best friend is Flounder

Lady Tremaine is the step mother of which Disney Princess?

Lady Tremaine is the step mother of Cinderella

What are the names of the three good fairies who are Princess Aurora’s godmothers?

The three good fairies are named Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

What’s the name of Mulan’s father?

Mulan’s father is called Fa Zhou

Which Disney Princess falls into a deep sleep on her 16th birthday?

Sleeping Beauty falls into a deep sleep on her 16th birthday

What’s the name of Belle’s horse?

Belle’s horse is named Phillipe

In what year did Moana become an official Disney Princess?

Moana became a Disney Princess in 2019

Which of the Disney princesses ate the poisoned apple?

Snow White ate the poisoned apple

Who is your favourite Disney princess?

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Disney princess trivia quiz

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