Walt Disney World 2017 Trip Diary Day 2

After yesterday’s busy day in the Magic Kingdom, we were up early again after a better night’s sleep. I managed to sleep until 5.30am this morning. We ate a breakfast of kings which consisted of the same as yesterday, a cinnamon bun and chocolate chip muffin. The market shop is proving to be just too convenient to grab a quick snack in the mornings. We won’t think about the lack of nutrition, we’re on holiday after all.

On the bus to Epcot, a quiet bus again as we’re early, and into the park for opening at 9am. We had Fastpasses today for the Character Spot, Frozen Ever After, a new to us ride this time, and also ¬†Under The Seas with Nemo.

We have never ridden Soarin’ so we made our way there first to beat the standby queues. At a steady 20 minutes this was a quick wait, and we loved it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was great.

Passing the Garden Grill and stopping at the pressed penny machines outside (there is a change machine here which gives you shiny new pennies), we popped onto Living With The Land as there was no wait for this at all.

The next Fastpass was for the Character Spot, meeting Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. We did this last year as well, but it’s fun and there is plenty of space inside the big air-conditioned building to rest for a few minutes.

Abby was desperate to try a Starbucks so we popped in and ordered a strawberry smoothie which was delicious. Then onto Club Cool for some Beverly. I am the strange person that loves it, and always look forward to visiting Epcot for a cup of Beverly.

Epcot ball

The World Showcase was just about opening, so we ventured towards the beginning. We usually explore around anti clock wise starting in Canada, but as we had a Fastpass for Frozen Ever After, we had to break the tradition and walk clockwise around.

Hubby decided he wanted a German beer, so we wandered on round to Germany, but then he couldn’t make his mind up, so we ventured into Italy. Nope, still no decision, and into America. Well we almost could have walked anti clockwise!

Still a beer (and a wine) was purchased in America, and we sat and enjoyed our drink in the shade. It was HOT today, and we were getting peckish. I can’t believe we had a drink before lunch time!

As we chatted about lunch, everyone’s eye lit up at the mention of the Chinese pavilion, so we walked back around for lunch at the Lotus Blossom Cafe. We had the honey chicken and it was delicious. I would definitely eat there again.

Time for Frozen Ever After and we had never ridden Maelstrom when it was there so didn’t know what to expect. It’s a great ride but we took a very unflattering picture as the ride began its descent. Apologies to the poor people in our boat who had to have us in their photo!

Be Our Guest restaurant

Fast passes done, we decided it was time to go back to the resort for a swim and a rest. Tonight we were eating at Be Our Guest restaurant, a firm favourite with myself and Hubby.

We arrived for our 7.15pm reservation, and seemed to wait ages for a table. I was hoping to also watch Happily Ever After fireworks tonight as well, but also didn’t want to have to rush our meal.

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The steak is amazing, and one of the best I have ever eaten, it’s all in the seasoning, but wow for me it’s a big highlight of the holiday and I always look forward to our meal here. We had amazing service and of course I chose the grey stuff. It’s changed since last year, and actually I prefer this version.

The Grey Stuff

It was dark when we left the Be Our Guest restaurant, and I always find wandering around the Magic Kingdom in the dark a little disorientating on our first few days before acclimatizing ourselves with where everything is. When the areas are roped off as well, it makes it harder.

Out of the restaurant, towards the tea cups and turn right will take you back to the Hub area. That is firmly etched on my mind now for whenever we may be lucky enough to go again.

The crowds were high and we weren’t going to get anywhere near the front of the castle. We stopped right on the edge of the taped area on the bridge towards Tomorrowland, so we had a slightly off centre view, but actually as we were standing there watching it, we had a great view and would choose that area agin in the future.

Happily Ever After is amazing, and definitely better than Wishes in my opinion. Tinkerbell still flies off the castle, and everything about it is magical. Even Hubby loved it and saw the magic which is something he said didn’t happen last year watching Wishes.

Happily Ever After fireworks

With all the crowds trying to leave after the fireworks, battling down Main Street is never fun, so we went the other way and walked towards Tomorrowland which as it turns out was a great idea as cast members had opened up walkway to the side of Main Street.

This area is usually only open for party nights such as Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, or the Christmas Party, but we left the park really quickly which was good.

Magic Kingdom is the more organised park when it comes to the bus stops in my opinion. It may be because they have the most room, but you are never battling too many crowds, and you always know where your line is. We were standing room only which was expected but got on the first bus as we arrived which was great.

We were back at Hollywood Studios in the morning, so time for a good night’s sleep.

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