Unique Gifts For The Travel Lover

I quite often find myself wondering what to buy people for their birthdays or Christmas. I don’t like wasting money on gifts that will just sit unloved and unopened in a drawer or cupboard somewhere. It can be difficult to find that perfect gift, but I have spotted some great gifts for the travel lover that might provide some inspiration if you’re looking for any.

gifts for the travel lover

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Wanderlust is a powerful thing, the desire to want to travel has certainly grown for me over the last few years. My heart is still in Walt Disney World even after three visits, but there are also so many other places in the world I want to visit.

I live in a lovely part of the UK, lots of it I have never seen, so there is a huge desire to see more of my own country as well. Whilst I am busy making plans and saving money to experience as much as we can, I’ve spotted these gift ideas that I hope any travel lover would love to receive.


Not all who wander are lost t-shirt

As soon as I spotted this t-shirt, I knew I would love to buy this for myself. It’s available in a variety of colours, but I preferred the grey as I think it will go with a lot of other items in my wardrobe.

Buy the t-shirt here


Adventure awaits jar

Everyone needs a way to save for their adventures don’t they. We have used breakable jars in the past and they are fun to fill up and then see how much we have managed to save near the holiday. This adventure awaits jar really stood out to me as I love the design and colour of it.

Buy your adventure awaits saving jar here


World map pencil pot

On my desk I currently use a Disney mug for a pen pot. I do this because I like the design of the pot and it makes me smile when I reach over to grab a pen. How about having this fun world map on your desk to store your pens and stationery?

Buy your world map pencil pot here


Wanderlust sign

When I spotted this wanderlust sign I just thought it was such a fun gift idea. The font, design and colours all stood out to me and I know just the perfect place it can go in my house.

Buy your wanderlust sign here


Personalised travel fund

If you’re looking for a way to save for your travels and the jar isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then how about a personalised frame where you can add your money and see it fill the frame. These are fun ideas and can be adapted to your requirements.

Buy your personalised travel fund here


The world bracelet

When I spotted this bracelet, I just thought it was lovely, very different from many things I have seen in the past, and it just felt as though it was a little gesture for the travel lover.

Buy your bracelet here


Co-ordinates keyring

I do like buying new keyrings, especially when I spot unusual ones. This keyring with co-ordinates stood out to me as I thought the size was nice, not too big and clunky on a set of keys, but also something that little bit different.

Buy your keyring here


Wanderlust print

If a wanderlust sign isn’t quite what you’re looking for then how about a print. Prints are so versatile and can be framed or left as they are. I definitely have wanderlust – an irresistible impulse to explore the world.

Buy your wanderlust print here





  1. pigeonpairandme
    July 6, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    The co-ordinates keyring is so pretty. I love it! Some gorgeous gifts here.

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