Visiting Paultons Park

A few weeks ago we decided to visit Paultons family theme park with my eldest daughter and her son. We used to visit a lot with Abby when she was smaller, but after she outgrew Peppa Pig World, we stopped going. I have to admit I was quite excited to be visiting Paultons Park again and was looking forward to seeing what had changed.

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Paultons Park is located in Ower Hampshire, on the edge of the New Forest National Park. Travelling by car, you can find clearly signed Paultons Park directions from Junction 2 of the M27. When you arrive at Paultons Park, you are able to park for free for the duration of your visit. The postcode for your satnav is S051 6AL.

If you’re looking to make a short break, there is a Travelodge near Paultons Park, just 7 miles away in Lyndhurst. Alternatively there are plenty of pubs near Paultons Park if you’re looking to refuel and rest before your drive home.

visiting Paultons Park

We had the luxury of visiting Paultons Park during the week and in term time. Our previous visits have always been either on weekends or during school holidays. It’s a real treat to visit with a pre schooler and almost walk on and off the attractions. This meant we got great value for money from our Paultons Park tickets.

The weather forecast was looking a bit dodgy in the morning and there were som spots of rain. Optimistically I packed some sun lotion into the bag and I’m very glad we did as the weather improved a lot over the course of the day.

Rebecca Rabbit paultons park

Paultons Park opening times are 10am – 5pm. We arrived just after park opening and managed to secure a parking spot quite close to the entrance. With the two new rides in Peppa Pig World, we had already decided to start our day there so made a slow walk around.

We had decided that the majority of people would head for the two new rides, The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club. They are both conveniently placed next to each other at the back of Peppa Pig World and I think the extra placement has been done well.

As we walked around towards Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, we were told the ride wouldn’t be opening for another ten minutes as they were still testing so we walked around to The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride instead. There was a small queue, but in hindsight it was the perfect decision.

After a short wait we were riding the monorail ride around the new section of Peppa Pig World. It’s a gentle slow ride, and one that allows you to take in the view that Peppa Pig World has to offer.

Next on our agenda was to ride Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club and again there was almost no wait time at all. This was a fun boat ride that gently spins you around.

As we were already in Peppa Pig World we decided we would do all the attractions here, and this would probably take us until lunch time. The queues were light and we had almost no wait at all for the majority of rides. The most we waited was ten minutes for Daddy Pig’s car ride.

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New to me at the side of Peppa Pig World is Little Africa, a small area near the water mill where you can see meerkats, birds and other African based creatures. The meerkats were amazing and really loved the attention we were giving them.

penguins at Paultons Park

Also in Peppa Pig World area are the penguins. They are fed twice a day and we spotted their lunch time feeding session. They are also quite active in the water during the day and we noticed that as we popped back to an almost empty viewing area later, we got some amazing views of the penguins.

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It was time to stop for some lunch as we left Peppa Pig World. There are quite a lot of food outlets available at Peppa Pig World, however not all were open which was understandable as we visited mid week.

We ended up opting for hot dog and fries, and a kids pick and mix cold lunch bag. The kids lunch bag was actually really good value as we chose five items from the chiller plus a piece of fruit. This was under £5 and meant that we had snacks for the rest of the day.

The fast food options were tasty, slightly expensive but what you would expect for theme park prices. It filled us up and gave us the fuel to carry on exploring Paultons Park for the rest of the afternoon.

As we wandered around to Critter Creek, we stopped off for a ride on the carousel and then the viking boats. Some of the rides looked as though they were closed but actually there was just no-one on them and as soon as we walked up we were allowed onto the ride.

In Critter Creek we rode the small train and contemplated riding the Cat-o-pillar, but with the minimum height at ninety centimetres and my grandson at what we thought was ninety centimetres we decided to leave it this time in case he was scared.

dinosaur alive Peppa pig world

I’m very glad we did as later in the day we took him on Dino Chase and he really didn’t like it at all. Also in Critter Creek we wandered through and saw the fish and other creatures. It really was a treat to wander around the park without having to jostle for views at the front.

Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park is a relatively new addition to the park, opening in Spring 2016. It is also new since we last visited and we were treated to a viewing of the alive dinosaur experience. We had managed to time our day amazingly to be able to see the characters and attractions.

Inside the Lost Kingdom we rode Dino Chase which wasn’t a hit with my grandson. He did enjoy Boulder Dash and also the Dinosaur Tour was a lot of fun as well.

We could have spent hours on the other side of the park on Seal Falls and Digger rides but we decided we needed to pop back to Peppa Pig World as we neared the end of the day to ride the Trekking Tractors.

One more ride of choice in Peppa Pig World which turned out to be Miss Rabbit’s helicopters and then it was time to go home. We had spent an amazing day at Paultons Park, we were all tired now as we had packed so much in.

What a great day and I can’t wait to go back again.

visiting Paultons Park


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