Top 10 Tips For Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

When you spend money on a trip to Walt Disney World, and then find yourself paying more money to a ticketed event such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, you really want to make sure you are getting maximum value from your experience. I have some tips for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party to make sure you get the best experience for you.

tips for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

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We attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the first time last year, and whilst we all really enjoyed our experience, there are quite a few things that I would perhaps do differently next time to get the most out of our party night.

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Fancy Dress

Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party gives you the excuse to dress up in costume if you want to. There are a few rules surrounding this which you can read here, but essentially it’s a fun way to get into character for the evening.

Something to think about however how the weather may affect your costume and yourself. We saw some amazing costumes during our party night, but one guy in particular stands out in my mind as being dressed in a fluffy Winnie The Pooh onesie.

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He may have gotten some great attention, but we went on a hot August evening, so I can only imagine how uncomfortable he must have been in his costume after a couple of hours.

Take A Rucksack

We always take a rucksack into the parks, as we carry certain items in our park bag, but a great tip we learned for a party night was to carry a rucksack so you can empty your treat bags into it. At the beginning of the night, each person is handed a small treat bag to collect treats in. These can get filled up quite quickly, so if you empty into your larger rucksack, you can carry on trick or treating with an empty bag.

Plan Your Evening

There is a lot going on during a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and you have to accept you won’t be able to do everything. A party night is a great opportunity to meet some of the rarer character who only appear for party nights.

The queues for these characters are long, so you will want to get in line early and accept that you may have to miss the parade, or not collect as much candy as you may want to.

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You may be attending the party to see the unique castle show, Boo To You parade and Hallowishes fireworks. If so, then you will need to plan your evening accordingly.

Are you there for the trick or treating? Then you will need to walk around the park to make sure you get as many treat stations as possible. Try not to find yourself wandering backwards and forwards around the park, it can be disorientating in the dark as it is, without wasting time getting lost.

Watch The Later Shows

There are two Boo To You Parades, and two castle shows. The latter of the two are always quieter. We had decided to see the first castle show, but it was pointless as we couldn’t;t see anything and we wasted twenty minutes getting stuck in the crowds. A mistake we won’t make again.

We also watched the first Boo To You parade and along with the rest of the park, it was a little too busy and I would definitely wait for the later parade next time.

Photopass Opportunities

If you have the memory maker package for your photos, then you will find some great photo opportunities at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We took advantage of a great one outside the Haunted Mansion, and got some extra magic in our photos outside the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ride.

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The photo pass photographers are marked on your party map that you can collect on the way in, so it’s well worth taking a look.

Eat Before The Party Starts

If you’re planning on eating at a quick service restaurant during your time at MNSSHP, then it’s worth eating before 6pm. A lot of the quick service locations will close to become treat stations when the party starts, and we found that some of our first choices weren’t available and ended up eating where we wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to.

I wouldn’t necessarily think it a good idea to book a table service meal during the evening. The night goes so quickly and it’s a waste of 90 minutes to sit in a restaurant.

Arrive early

Your Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ticket will allow you into the park from 4pm. You will be given a wrist band for the party which allows you to enter the ride queues after 7pm when the party officially starts.

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It’s worth maximizing your time on your party ticket, as we found the night to go so quickly. They do say time flies when you’re having fun.


There are no fast passes available during a party night. We found that the queues were tiny, and managed to almost walk on a lot of the rides we wanted. We weren’t there necessarily for the rides, however if you are then its a great time to experience those rides that typically have longer lines.

Even better if you ride when a parade is on, the queues are even shorter.

Allergy Treats

If you want to experience Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party but you have allergies and cannot eat the treats given out, then not to worry. You can collect tokens on your way around and then redeem them at the allergy friendly station inside the Town theatre on your way out of the park.

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Wear Comfy Footwear

When you have been in the parks all day and then go back again for a party night, your poor feet may well be screaming at you by the end of the night. Wear some comfy footwear and you will enjoy your evening a lot more.

tips for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party


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