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Disney Magic Bands – What You Need To Know

Disney Magic Bands began being used by Disney resort guests in the spring of 2014. They were around before this in 2013 to a select number of guests who were trialling the bands which is part of the Mymagic+ system that incorporates Disney magic bands, My Disney Experience and Memory Maker.

When we stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort in July 2014, we were automatically given our Disney magic bands when we checked into the resort.

Before we travelled we were able to customise our magic bands with our preferred name and colour choice via our My Disney Experience account.

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As 2014 was our first visit to Disney World, we didn’t have anything to compare wearing Disney magic bands to as opposed to not having them so it was good to see how the system worked and if it would make our trip as simple and easy as it promised.

A couple of years later a new design as shown above, the Disney magic band 2.0 was introduced. This has introduced new ways of wearing if you you don’t want to use the wristband.

2021 has seen the introductions of being able to replace your magic band with an app on your phone if you so choose as well.

Are Disney Magic Bands Waterproof?

We put our magic bands on when we arrived at the resort and didn’t really take them off until it was time to go home at the end of our trip. Sometimes I took mine off at night to let my skin breathe but often I forgot I was wearing it and it stayed on through the parks, shower, swimming etc.

The one time I remember taking it off at night, I forgot to put it on first thing in the morning and walked to the restaurant to get breakfast and realised I didn’t have it on so I couldn’t buy anything.

Disney Magic Bands can be adapted for children

Magic Bands sizes appear to be one size at first glance, however they have plenty of holes to fit all sizes of wrists and feel very secure once on. They can also be made smaller by removing the outer casing to fit children easier. It’s a simple process to peel the outer layer away.

Disney Magic Bands - what you need to know

Are Disney Magic Bands Free?

Disney Magic Bands were part of the MyMagic+ system which were included in all Disney resort stay holidays. The Disney magic band colours as mentioned above were free but you could purchase additional charms, colours and skins in shops around Disney. Popular choices include the Haunted Mansion magic band and the Toy Story magic band designs.

From Jan 2021, Magic Bands are no longer free for resort guests. They will still be available to purchase at a discounted rate, and alternative methods such as using your smart phone will be available.

Whilst these look really nice, I’m not sure living in the UK I would purchase one unless I knew I was travelling frequently to Disney.

If you live in the UK then your Disney magic bands will be given to you when you check into your resort. If you live in the US however I believe they are shipped to your home near to your trip date.

Can Disney World Magic Bands Be Reused?

Disney World Magic Bands have a life span of around two years on the battery. If you’re visiting often and staying offsite then they can certainly be reused and it’s a good idea to do so.

No need to carry money or room keys when you have a Disney Magic Band

Your Disney magic band also works as your Disney World resort room key, it has the option to hold your credit card information (not applicable for under 18’s) removing the need to carry money around with you.

This works by attaching your credit card to your magic band on arrival and setting up a four digit pin which is needed when you make purchases.

You can also use any Disney gift cards to pay off your Magic band balance during or at the end of your holiday. To do this just visit guest services at your resort

Your bands also holds any Disney Genie+ information and they also have your park tickets information on. When entering the parks, you will need to use your band to gain entry.

You will hear the saying “Mickey to Mickey” quite often when using your Disney magic band to access the parks, and paying for food and drinks.

If you have purchased Memory Maker, then your band will be used by the photographers to sync your photos to your My Disney Experience account.

Disney Magic Bands - what you need to know

Our first experience of using Disney Magic Bands was a very positive one. Only once did we attempt to buy food in a quick service restaurant at Hollywood Studios and their readers were down.

We weren’t carrying cash with us so had to find another place to eat, but one experience out of twelve days wasn’t bad at all.

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Disney World Magic Bands