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Best Safari Parks In The UK

Where are the safari parks in the UK? A safari park is an area of parkland where wild animals are kept in the open and may be observed by visitors driving through.

They are different to zoos because whilst a zoo is a park area, animals are often kept in cages or enclosures, whilst in a safari park they are free to roam around.

longleat safari park sign

Longleat Safari Park

Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW

One of the best UK safari parks is located in the South West, very close to Longleat Center Parcs. You’ll experience wolf wood, deer park, monkey mayhem, tiger territory and lion country to name a few enclosures at Longleat Safari Park. 

There are also cheetahs, white rhino and Anne the elephant. Don’t forget about the walking safari to see some of the smaller residents which are also popular things to do at Longleat.

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When you arrive at the safari park, it’s a good idea to stay in your car and drive to the entrance of the safari rather than parking and having to go back to your car again later on.

longleat safari park giraffes

There are stops along the way where you can park and get out and up close, including the giraffe enclosure.

If you don’t fancy changing your car in the monkey enclosure there is an alternative route to drive along. The monkeys are still visible from a distance so you won’t miss out altogether. 

After your safari, there are still plenty of things to do at Longleat including the large hedge maze, the jungle cruise to see the gorillas, and plenty of places for the kids to let off steam on the play equipment.

House tours are available around Longleat House and gardens to discover the history. During the Winter months, Longleat Festival of Lights is also well worth a visit.

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big cat in safari park

Woburn Safari Park

Bedfordshire, MK43 0TU

Woburn Safari Park is a UK drive-through safari park spanning over 300 acres of Bedfordshire parkland. 

The road safari at Woburn takes approximately 60-90 minutes, and you are permitted to drive around as many times as you like during your visit. Each drive round will offer a different experience as you may spot new and different animals.

Begin your journey in the Northern Plains, home to Przewalski’s horse, North American bison, brindled wildebeest and Bactrian camel.


Onwards to the Savannah Grasslands to see the southern white rhino, zebra, dwarf forest buffalo and antelope.

In the Kingdom of Carnivores, you can spot the tigers, wolves, bears and lions.  Giraffe Junction is home to the Rothschild’s giraffe herd.

Last but not least in the African Forest, you can see the macaque monkeys and bongo’s.

Don’t forget about the smaller animals who live here, and take advantage of the foot safari to discover red pandas, birds of prey, otters and sea lions to name a few.

During your visit to the safari park, don’t forget about the additional activities on offer. Take a trip on the Great Woburn railway to spot the alpacas as you go past. There’s also high ropes and play areas to burn off steam whilst the grown ups have a rest. Or why not take a swan boat trip on lake, all included in the ticket price.

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sea lion

West Midland Safari Park

Spring Grove Rd, Bewdley, Kidderminster DY12 1LF

Admission to West Midland safari Park includes Land of the living Dinosaurs, sea lion show, reptile world, Ice Age and Penguin Cove. You can also experience the hippo lakes, aquarium, and plenty of creepy crawlies. Spot the meerkats and lemurs with plenty of daily feeding times and keeper talks.

On the safari drive through you’ll discover white rhinos, giraffe, zebra and Ankole cattle in the African Plains. 

In Wild Asia you can spot the Indian rhino and the Philippine spotted deer, before seeing the amazing cheetahs and African lions. 


Onwards to the Borderlands, you can discover the endangered Bactrian camels before spotting the elephants.

Ticket upgrade options are available to include the family friendly rides and arcade games in the adventure theme park. Wristband tickets options are available or pay per ride.

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Knowsley Safari Park

Prescot L34 4AN

The 5 mile safari in North West England is the UK’s longest safari drive. Lion Country is home to the African lions. White lions are the most endangered animals in the World, some are at home at Knowsley Safari park. You can also experience bison and baboons, tigers, sea lions and birds of prey to name a few.


The foot safari takes you through sea lion displays and play areas There’s also the chance to see the meerkats, giraffes and the tiger trail.

You can take a trip out on a rowing boat on Mizzy Lake or on a woodland walk through the Wild Trail. There’s so much to see and do, you may struggle to fit it all into one visit.

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Blair Drummond Safari Park

Blair Drummond, Stirling FK9 4UR

After opening in 1970, Blair Drummond Safari park in Scotland is now home to over 350 animals. You can experience the African lions, Rhinos, giraffes, macaques, African fish eagle, alpacas and tigers to name a few.

A typical visit to the safari park lasts around 3-4 hours, but there’s plenty to do for a whole day out. Why not explore the Jurassic Park style dinosaur forest with life size dinosaurs. There’s a mini fun fair and large play areas to amuse the kids whilst the grown ups take a break.

The park is also home to sea lions, and you have the chance to watch the various displays happening throughout the day.

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Port Lympne Safari Park

Aldington Rd, Lympne, Hythe CT21 4LR

Home to over 900 animals across 75 different species at this safari park in Kent. You can discover giraffes, zebras, lions, speckled bears, tigers, gorillas and monkeys in the safari journey at Port Lympne.

Safari journeys are operated via the park’s safari trucks, but why not extend your experience and stay on site in one of the themed luxury stays. Can you imagine waking up to see the wolves, lions, rhinos or tigers from your room?

Don’t forget to visit the Dinosaur forest, home to the  largest collection of life size dinosaurs in Europe. 

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