Project MC2 Devon’s Puffy Paint Doll Review

Miss A has had Project MC2 merchandise on her birthday wishlist for a couple of years, but she hasn’t ever received one of the dolls. I have discussed before on the blog that Miss A likes dolls when they are a little different such as the Ever After High dolls or the Royal And Rebel Dolls. We have recently received the Project MC2 Devon’s Puffy Paint doll to review.

Project MC2 Dolls focus on doll interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Each doll comes with their own experiment which appeals to Miss A as it’s not just another standard doll to play with.

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Project MC2 Devon's Puffy Paint Doll

We received the Project MC2 Devon’s Puffy Paint doll. Devon comes with a recipe to make your very own puffy paint. The doll itself is a standard size and well made with removable clothes and bendable limbs. Her hair is soft and easy to brush, although the comb that is included in the box isn’t the best quality and bends quite easily when used.

You can check out the latest prices for the doll here.

Devon D’Marco is a new addition to the Project MC2 group, joining the Autumn 2016 series on Netflix. The TV programme sees the girls completing missions as part of the secret organisation NOV8. The missions show the girls tackling subjects such as cyber bullying, technology blackouts and more.

Project MC2 Devon's Puffy Paint Doll

Miss A was eager to make the puffy paint which can be made from every day household objects including food colouring, salt, water and flour. The kit provides two tubes to add the paint mixture to make your own designs. We struggled to find the right consistency for our paint the first couple of tries, and we ended up with a bit of a mess. Once we had decided what would be a good consistency Miss A was off making her own creations.

Project MC2 Devon's Puffy Paint Doll

The scientific element to the recipe is that when the paint dries as the water evaporates, the left overs will appear puffy. The salt in the mixtures dries to make the paint look sparkly and the food colouring is there for colour.

The idea behind the recipe is a great idea and so simple too. We found it was easier to use the paint with a paint brush rather than the tubes provided as they were difficult to fill and keep clean. If the mixture is too thick we realised it wouldn’t come out of the nozzle very well. Thankfully they were easy enough to clean though as the ingredients are all non sticky.


Overall I love the idea of the range of dolls and would be keen to see how the other dolls compare in quality to Devon’s puffy paint. The Project MC2 dolls retails for approx £24.99. Our other Project MC2 reviews include the H20 Nail Science Kit and the Ultimate Spy Bag.

Disclosure – we received the doll free of charge but all opinions are our own



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