Finding Hidden Mickeys

One of the things Miss A really enjoyed doing when we were at Disney World this year was finding Hidden Mickeys. She actually got quite good at it, finding them when I couldn’t see them and I really had to look to spot them.

I didn’t realise until I researched it a little more that Walt Disney World hidden Mickeys were started as a joke by the imagineers as they hid pictures of Mickey Mouse when they were designing attractions. Now Hidden Mickeys are a great talking point among Disney World guests and they can be spotted everywhere if you look hard enough.

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This book will show you where to spot Hidden Mickeys

What is a Hidden Mickey?

The official definition of a Hidden Mickey is a partial or complete impression of Mickey Mouse blended into designs of attractions, hotels, restaurants etc in Disney. I learnt very quickly that if it was a hot day and Miss A was flagging, I would mention finding Hidden Mickeys and she would be distracted from the heat and start to look.

hidden Mickey Germany pavilion Epcot

Finding Hidden Mickeys At Epcot

I learned that a good way to prevent the cries of “How much further” as we ventured around the World Showcase in Epcot was to send her off looking for Hidden Mickeys and she was more than happy.

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I actually find Epcot one of the best parks to find Hidden Mickeys. Some of our favourites have been outside the Katsura Grill in the Japan pavilion where we spotted a Hidden Mickey made out of rose petals.

hidden Mickey in Japan pavilion at Epcot

Permanent Hidden Mickeys can be found all over the place in Epcot, and whilst I won’t tell you them all, some places you can spot them are  in the Germany Pavilion in the miniature railway area. Look out when you’re enjoying the Living With The Land ride as they will be in the gardens.

Look closely at the left hand side totem pole as you enter the Canada Pavilion, and keep you eye out at the bottom of the Sea Base aquarium.

In the UK Pavilion look up at the sign outside the Sportsman’s Shoppe selling sports wear.

hidden Mickey sportsmans shop uk pavilion epcot

Finding Hidden Mickeys At Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom park is huge and you can spot plenty of Hidden Mickeys if you look. How close have you looked at the Tree of Life? If you’re dining at Tusker House take a good look around at the employee checklist in the smaller section of the restaurant.

One of the newer Hidden Mickeys you can spot is near the entrance to Navi River Journey in Pandora, the newest area of Animal Kingdom park.

Finding Hidden Mickeys At Magic Kingdom

Have you ever looked at the ceiling when dining at Be Our Guest restaurant? I’ll bet you have because the ceiling is so pretty. But have you spotted the Hidden Minnie in amongst the clouds? Take a look next time you’re there.

hidden Mickey on a chair

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has a Hidden Mickey made out of gears just near the exit of the ride, and spot the Hidden Mickey at the entrance to Peter Pan’s flight in the trees

Finding Hidden Mickeys At Hollywood Studios

If you’re visiting Mickey and Minnie at their Red Carpet Dreams take a look at the posters along the hallway.  At Slinky Dog Dash in the new Toy Story Land of Hollywood Studios, you can spot a Hidden Mickey just before you board the ride.

Do you have a map of Hollywood Studios? Take a look at it, turn it upside down, and what do you see?

hidden Mickey red carpet dreams Hollywood studios

Finding Hidden Mickeys at Disney World Resorts

Finding Hidden Mickeys doesn’t have to stop in the parks, the Disney World resorts hold a high variety of Hidden Mickeys as well for you to find.

A few to start you off is the entrance to Sanaa restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Mercantile store sign in The Grand Floridian Resort, and the lobby of the Polynesian Resort.


How Many Hidden Mickeys Are There?

It’s impossible to know exactly how many Hidden Mickeys there are, but there are books, apps and websites all helping you to spot that next Hidden Mickey. It became a bit of a game with us as we were wandering around, who can spot the next Hidden Mickey.


You can find yourself looking in the funniest of places and seeing things in a different light from different angles etc.

This book will show you where to spot Hidden Mickeys

I love the idea of using the app to spot Hidden Mickeys but I don’t want to spend my time at Disney World that is so precious looking at my phone all the time so I am loathe to buy the app for our next trip.

I have invested in the book however and it’s good fun reading where they may be spotted, and I have been learning new things every time I read it, as it triggers great memories and new information for me.



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Hidden Mickeys

hidden mickeys at Walt Disney World




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  1. Kayla
    February 9, 2018 / 3:04 am

    At Caribbean beach resort the only one I saw was on the housekeeping cart there are bubbles on the side in the shape of mickey

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