10 Ways To Keep the Kids Entertained in an Airport

Going on holiday is fun and exciting. Planning the holiday, booking flights, packing and everything else the holiday brings builds the anticipation towards the actual day. Then the stress starts to build as you travel to the airport, check the luggage in, get through security and then you have to wait!

When you have kids with you, they don’t always understand that they have to wait to be able to get on the plane, and let’s hope that there are no delays. Airports have become much more family friendly in the last  few years, and I use the following ways to keep the kids entertained in an airport.

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keep the kids entertained in an airport


I like to pack a small selection of books to pass the time. Our current favourites are any of the Wimpy Kid Series, anything written by Jacqueline Wilson, and Tom Gates.

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Meal Times

We are usually in the airport during one meal time, so instead of perhaps having breakfast in our hotel before getting to the airport, we don’t rush and save for when we have been through security. Enjoying a leisurely breakfast watching the planes can take ages and waste loads of time.

Games Areas

A lot of airports now have small areas for keeping kids entertained. Whether its soft play areas or the dreaded screen time, lots more kids zones are popping up in airports now.

Traditional Games

Sometimes you have to resort back to playing those traditional games such as I-Spy. You can while away plenty of time engaging a child in a busy game of I-Spy in the airport. Just try not to choose something that moves and will disappear before the other person has guessed it.


Window shopping can be just as much fun as actual shopping. I like to use the book shops as a great place to waste quite a lot of time browsing what’s on offer.

Plane Spotting

When you’re through security, sometimes you’re lucky enough to be able to see the planes coming in and going out when you’re sitting at your gate. We like to play the game of spot our plane, trying to decide which one will be ours as they come into the terminals.

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Airport Lounge

You may choose to spend time in the sport lounges. Sometimes this requires an additional charge, however it can be a great place to spend a couple of hours whilst you’re waiting.

Use Airport Transport

The bigger airports have a monorail or shuttles that transfer between terminals. You could use this as a way to spend half an hour or so before going through security to let the kids see the sights of the airport.

Screen Time

If you are taking the tablets for the children, find a place with great WIFI strength and let them have some time watching a movie you may have downloaded prior to the flight, or play some games.

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Play A Travel Game

There are plenty of seats in the airport, and often we have been known to take a small travel game of say Connect4 or a pack of cards to play snap, or Top Trumps. You don’t need a lot of room and can spend ages playing when there are a few of you together.

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How do you keep the kids entertained in an airport?

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