What To Look For In An All Inclusive Holiday

Looking for holidays is one of my favourite things to do. Finding out about new countries and resorts to visit is a great escapism. As a family, we like to book all-inclusive when choosing a holiday but what should you look for in an all-inclusive holiday?

What To Look For In An All Inclusive Holiday

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Food Choices

One of the biggest attractions of an all-inclusive holiday is the food. Aside from the cost saving of not having to worry about additional money for food during your holiday, an all-inclusive resort can cater for a wide variety of tastes and diets.

We love the fact there is almost always a buffet restaurant in an all-inclusive resort. This means that the whole family, even there pickiest of eaters will be able to find something they enjoy eating. We will also look for an all-inclusive resort that has additional restaurants because eating in the same restaurant morning, noon and night for seven days can get repetitive and boring.

Direct Flights

Being able to book a holiday and know that everything is covered is a great peace of mind for me, and allows more time for planning the fun things to do whilst on holiday.

I don’t mind indirect flights, but if we know we can arrive at an airport, get on our flight and arrive at our destination without too much hassle, then it’s a great start to the holiday for us. Direct flights with an all-inclusive holiday will often include airport transfers which is another great bonus.

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Kids Clubs

When looking for an all-inclusive holiday for the whole family, we definitely look into the kids clubs options. It’s a big deciding factor for us, especially as Abby is getting older now. Whilst I may be happy to relax by the pool for the majority of my holiday, she would get bored by day three.

Having a good range of activities is very important for her, and we often discount resorts quickly because of this. Mark Warner holidays have a great range of kids clubs options. You can read more about their family friendly holidays here.


Spending our days relaxing by the pool is my idea of bliss on holiday, but I do like some entertainment as well. We like exploring the local areas when on holiday, but if the resort has some entertainment as well it’s a bonus.

Saving Money

When on holiday, I like to enjoy a few cocktails, so booking all-inclusive means that we don’t need to worry about extra spending money, or even spending far too much money. Having alcohol included is a big incentive for us when booking an all-inclusive holiday.

When we’re budgeting per head for our holidays, knowing that the price we see and pay for is everything we need to pay for is high priority for us as a family. Obviously we need spending money for souvenirs and emergencies, but we find booking an all-inclusive holiday is a big money saver for us as a family.



  1. October 14, 2018 / 4:01 pm

    WE prefer al inclusive holidays simply because the kids are young and we find it easier booking somewhere where food and drink is readily available for them. We do still venture out and have lots of meals out but it is nice not having to worry about budgeting on holiday as everything is paid for x

  2. October 29, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    We tend to favour All Inclusive too and to be honest since we have had the kids it has been our first choice. So nice to not keep dipping into your holiday money everytime they want a soft drink or ice cream. And of course us Mums need to keep topped up with our holiday cocktails x

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