Walt Disney World 2017 Trip Diary Day 7

We had an earlyish start this morning over at Animal Kingdom, but we were slightly later getting to the bus stop this morning. Note to self and anyone else reading this, try to avoid the busses between 8.30am – 9am. They are so busy as everyone seems to be leaving the resort at the same time. It’s much better to leave before 8am if you can as you almost have the bus to yourself.

We were straight back to Pandora this morning for our Fastpass on Navi River Journey. The standby queues for this wasn’t top bad in itself, but we were glad of the Fastpass. The ride is lovely, however it doesn’t last too long.

We also had a Fastpass for Kali River Rapids. On a hot day this water raft ride is welcoming. I am sure that there is one seat that gets you very wet, whilst others in the eight seater round raft allow you to stay dry. I have never had the “wet seat” until today that was. I think I must have known, but I wish I had worn my thinner shorts today. It was so funny, I got wet through right to my underwear with no chance of drying off any time soon.

Lunch today was in Harambe Market and we chose ribs and a lamb gyro. It was good to sit outside as I needed the heat from the seats to help me dry off! Food was yummy, and after a purchase of a monkey with very long arms, we headed back to Caribbean Beach Resort for some swimming time. The air conditioning on the bus wasn’t too much fun with a wet backside!

My ever so friendly friend the wasp was still hovering around me today so no sun bathing for me outside of the pool. He was starting to annoy me slightly now as I have to spend the time in the pool to avoid him. No matter where we sit, or whether we have the drinks mugs with us or without, he finds me!

I was looking forward to dinner tonight at Ohana, and I was also looking forward to a sneaky peek at the Halloween decorations at the front of Magic Kingdom, as we had heard they had been put up a few days earlier. We decided to get the Monorail from Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian tonight, as we managed to just avoid a big storm that started after we arrived.

The waiting area for Ohana was chaotic and it was difficult to find somewhere to sit let alone enjoy a drink, so our meal didn’t start off in the relaxed way the others have. We were quite late being seated, but had an amazing view of the castle, so in future I think we would book later to see the fireworks as well.

I have talked in more detail about our meal at Ohana, and despite the issues we had we would return in the future, the food was delicious. Back on the Monorail and we headed back to the resort for a nice glass of something alcoholic before bed. Tomorrow is breakfast at Be Our Guest which we are all looking forward to.

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