Top 10 Tips To Avoid Disappointment On A Disney Holiday

A Disney World holiday costs a lot of money doesn’t it! When you’re spending a large around of money on perhaps what will be a once in a lifetime holiday, you want everything to be perfect. It’s very easy to get upset when things don’t go the right way on holiday, but hopefully I have 10 tips to help you avoid disappointment on a Disney holiday.


Allow For Transport Time

One of the things it’s easy to overlook is the time it will take you to travel from your resort or hotel to the theme parks. If you’re using Disney transport, they drop you at the park entrance which can save time.

However you may find yourself waiting for a bus to arrive, then it may travel around the rest of your resort before leaving for the parks, which if you’re staying in a large resort such as Caribbean Beach resort, this can take time.

If you decide to travel by car, then obviously you will jump in your car and leave the resort when it’s convenient to you, however when you park, you still have to wait for a tram to take you to the front of the park entrance, or even get on a ferry, so there can still be some waiting around.

It’s best to allow at least an hour to arrive at your destination to avoid disappointment of being late for a dining reservation, or seeing the rope drop for park opening.

Remember That You Can’t See Everything

Going somewhere like Disney World, you will have lots of people giving you hints and tips on what to see and do. Even if you visit for three weeks, you WILL NOT see everything. The best piece of advice I was ever given was to enjoy what you are doing and not worry about what you’re not doing. We’ve been twice and there is still so much I haven’t seen or done, however there is also plenty that we have done many times.

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Try To Avoid The Heat

The summer months can be unforgiving in Florida and temperatures can reach 100 degrees during the peak times of the day. When you are hot and thirsty, tempers can flare, so it’s important to think about how you can avoid the heat when you’re out and about. A good idea may be to book a restaurant for lunch time so you have some lovely air conditioning, or perhaps do some shopping, rest in your hotel room etc.

Tantrums Will Happen

I guarantee you it doesn’t matter whether you are six months old, six years old or sixty years old, you will have a tantrum in some way, shape or form during your visit. This might be because you’re hungry, tired, or your feet hurt etc.

One of the quick things I realised when we enjoyed our first visit was not to get cross at my then seven year old because she wasn’t smiling at a parade going past. Yes we had paid a lot of money, but it’s not going to do anyone any good to get cross about someone having an off moment. It doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying it, they just need a bit of time out of the heat more likely.

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Plan Your Day

By planning your day you can avoid the heat, tantrums and tiredness as you will be prepared. Knowing which rides are closed, or have long wait times can help you avoid the disappointment of walking somewhere to find out you can’t ride the ride, or see the show you thought you were going to see.

Expect The Rain

It rains in Florida, a LOT. Sometimes it only rains for a few minutes and other times it lasts for a lot longer. It’s nice warm rain though and you shouldn’t let it ruin your day. There are plenty of things you can do when it rains in Disney World. Be prepared and take ponchos in your bag, and wear sensible footwear and you’ll enjoy your day whatever the weather.


There Will Be Long Lines

It’s inevitable with thousands of people in a theme park that you will have to wait in line at some point. Of course you can make use of your Fastpass choices each day, but there will be times you’ll need to wait for a ride or a show to start. If you’re prepared for this and you have talked to the children, there are plenty of ways you can use the time waiting to discuss what you’re going to do later, or play games such as I-Spy.

Don’t Expect It To Be Perfect

This is quite an important piece of advice to avoid disappointment on a Disney holiday. I know I expected our first trip to be perfect, and of course it wasn’t. I started to grumble a little bit about it to start with, and then I realised I needed to enjoy what we were doing again.

There may be niggles with your room, or people crowding around an area where you were hoping to watch the fireworks from, but nothing is every quite perfect. Disney does always seem to get pretty close though.

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Try Not To Over Do It

It’s easy to think you’ll be able to walk around theme parks all day for two or three weeks, but you won’t! You’ll be tired after a couple of days, so plan some rest time in. Perhaps get up early and go to the parks before resting in the afternoon and going back out in the evening. Take a day to visit a waterpark. Sometimes a rest day can be enough to re charge the batteries and keep the tiredness down.

Prepare Your Body Before You Go

Do you know how much walking you are going to do on a Disney holiday? Nope neither did I to begin with. My Fitbit definitely showed some amazing results. It’s definitely a good idea to get into the habit of walking with the family a few months before you go. Make sure you have good footwear that isn’t brand new. Blisters aren’t fun when you’re on your feet all day.

I hope my tips will help you avoid disappointment on a Disney holiday. Most of all, have fun!

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  1. February 11, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    Love these tips, especially the one where it won’t be perfect. Yes the kids will moan about the heat/walking/queues, there will be tantrums and of course the rain. But if you keep on smiling it will be the best holiday ever x

  2. March 16, 2017 / 2:15 pm

    Such great advice! As a local, I see a lot of those things time and time again! Love that your first piece of advice is one I always use. You won’t see everything. Even as sometimes annual passholders there’s still things we haven’t seen!

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