The Walt Disney World Trip Reveal 2017

I’ve been waiting to tell Abby that we’re going to Walt Disney World this year since I booked it last September. We decided to tell her on her birthday which was this week, and I had been toying with different ideas on how to go about it.

Last time we surprised her with a trip to Walt Disney World it was with a balloon so I had to think of something different. Plans have changed over the months and been adapted as ideas arose, however the big Walt Disney World trip reveal went something like this.

I was approached by Bakerdays, the company who supply cakes that fit through your letterbox a few weeks before Abby’s birthday. We discussed the idea of a customised cake that I could present to her on her birthday surprising her with a trip to Disney. You can read more about Bakerdays and the cake in my separate blog post.

With the cake designed I started to incorporate how I saw the reveal happening. I already knew that Abby would receive some dollars for her birthday, and we ended up purchasing the exact amount of dollars to equal the amount of days before the holiday starts.

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But we wanted something in the middle so it wasn’t just writing on the cake and then handing over some dollars. Between Hubby and I we came up with the following.


Hoop De Doo…….

Boo To You…….

All Are New…….

This Year……..

But When Will We Go?

It’s Up To You……

To Work It Out……

It’s Not So Scary……

Just Full Of Treats…….

Hop On The Train……..

And Fly Over Neverland…….

As We Go To Adventurland…..

Here’s Your Clue……..

Over To You……


The words hinted at clues as to what we may be doing on this trip that we haven’t ever done before, such as the Hoop De Doo Revue and also attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party which we’re all looking forward to.

Once she had read this, we handed her the dollars and asked her to work it out. It was quite funny as she didn’t realise that the amount of dollars was the amount of days, but with some prompting she worked it out. The reaction we received from her was brilliant. I had wondered if she had overheard us talking in the months we have been planning it, but she insists she had no idea.


The afternoon ended up being quite rushed as we tried to fit everything in, however we got such a great reaction and she now knows in time to help plan the Fastpasses we want to book.


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  1. June 10, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    Ah I love this and the cake is just fantastic. I guess you are going around October time. We did a reveal on Christmas Day one year, a huge box filled with everything Disney in it x

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