Reasons To Enjoy A Staycation In 2018

There is nothing better than planning holidays and short trips away. As much as I enjoy holidays abroad, I also enjoy seeing more of what the UK has to offer. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy a staycation in 2018, many that we will be taking advantage of this year.

No Need For A Passport

When you have to factor in the cost of passports for the whole family just to book a holiday abroad, the costs can start to spiral out of control. Enjoy a staycation and avoid the need for a passport.

Take Pets With You

We miss Lola when we go away, so when we plan short breaks in the UK, I always look to see if we can take Lola with us. There is often an additional charge but it’s generally nominal and means we save on having to get a pet sitter. We have taken Lola on holiday to Haven in the past, and we have just booked a short break away to Bath later this year where Lola will be coming with us.

A Staycation Is Cheaper

Enjoying a staycation is often cheaper than booking a holiday abroad by the time you have factored travel costs etc in along with everything else. The beauty of saving money on a staycation is that you can book accommodation to suit your budget, and it’s often easier to do so in your own country.

Amazing Scenery

The UK has some amazing scenery, an example is the views along the Jurassic Coast in the South of the country. I am really lucky to live on it’s doorstep to enjoy some spectacular views. The beaches in the Summer rival any European beach on a hot day.

Dodge The Tourists

By enjoying a staycation, it’s easier to avoid the tourists. Use your knowledge of the area and explore the lesser known paths rather than following the crowds flocking to the big name areas.

No Jet Lag

Jet lag isn’t fun, and there is something to be said for arriving home knowing that you won’t have to battle with jet lag the following day.

Less Stress

Travelling can be stressful, especially getting the family through the airport on time, keeping everyone entertained without the bickering. I always find we are a lot less stressed when getting in the car to reach our destination.

Something For Everyone

Every member of the family enjoys different things. I know we do! When we set ourselves up in a caravan, lodge or chalet, there is always something to suit everyone nearby. Whether it’s dog walking along the beach, rock pooling, or just generally enjoying the peace and quiet with a book, we can always find different activities to enjoy whilst being around each other.


Will you be enjoying a staycation this year?


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  1. January 12, 2018 / 8:24 pm

    I love planning staycations and I agree that the UK really is a stunning place to explore. We have plans to visit Shrewsbury at Easter and then York in December. I love planning all our staycations at this time of year x

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