Springtime At Mottisfont National Trust

It’s been a while since we have visited a National Trust property, mainly due to time commitments. This weekend we decided to visit Mottisfont National Trust. We have visited Mottisfont once before at Christmas time, so we thought it would be nice to see it in the spring time as well.

Mottisfont National Trust

The weather has been very wet in the South for the past few weeks, but I think we may have underestimated just how boggy the ground would be. I chose to visit Mottisfont because I knew the car park was mainly gravel, and after almost getting stuck in the mud at Hinton Ampner in December we were wary of where to visit.

The car park wasn’t too bad and we managed to park in a dry spot. Being Easter weekend, it was REALLY busy but the beauty of Mottisfont is the vast grounds make even the busiest of days feel quiet.

Mottisfont National Trust

It has become a bit of a tradition for us to make a stop for hot chocolate when we arrive at a National Trust property. Today was no exception as it was quite cold so we were all grateful to be able to warm up before exploring the grounds and house.

The Easter egg trail took us all over the grounds at Mottisfont, however Abby always likes to make a bee line for the water pump hidden by the river to the side of the house. We spend quite a lot of time here pumping the water and watching it flow through the dams on its way back into the river.

Today I spotted the wording on the bench by the water pump and thought it was very apt.

Leave children to entertain themselves, make their mud pies and mess mess mess about to their heart’s content.

Mottisfont National Trust

It just goes to show that time away from screens when you’re ten years old isn’t the end of the world despite what the ten year old may think before we leave home.

Onto the house after a quick pit stop for food and drink in the stables. We all enjoy seeing the National Trust houses and soaking up the history that they share.

Mottisfont began its life as a priory. The last family to live at Mottisfont was the Russell’s who arrived in 1934. Maud and Gilbert Russell transformed Mottisfont from the disrepair it was in.

Mottisfont National Trust

We all decided that we would make a conscious effort to return to Mottisfont when the weather is a lot warmer so we can enjoy all the space that Mottisfont has to offer.

Mottisfont National Trust


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