Disney World Florida 2014 Holiday Day 6 Hollywood Studios

Saturday 26th July 2014 – Disney World Florida Holiday Day 6

day 6 2014


We were all starting to get a little tired this morning. We had Fast Passes booked for Toy Story Mania today so another morning of getting up early and making our way to Hollywood Studios.

It was another very hot day today, and when we arrived at the park, we saw that there was a short queue for Star Tours and hubby wanted to go on the simulation ride so we queued up. They tricked us though as the queue was a lot longer than the timings announced at the beginning of the ride. I was a little miffed I would miss the Frozen parade, as despite having already seen it, I wanted to see it again.

I was lucky that as we exited the ride, the crowds were waiting for the parade and it was just on its way around to us. We did get separated from 19yo at this point though as she was on the other side of the ropes and wasn’t allowed to cross.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 6 Hollywood Studios The Life Of Spicers


Toy Story Mania has to be one of my highlights of our Disney Trip. The ride attracts big queues, so advisable to Fast Pass it or get there at the beginning of the day. A fast, shooting game against your family as you whizz around the interactive game. Great fun!

We explored a lot of Hollywood Studios today and packed a lot into the day. We took advantage of a lot of character meet and greets as the queues were relatively short. Miss A managed to collect a lot of autographs. My only disappointment was that Minnie Mouse was listed on the board but she never came out. Mickey was there every time I looked, and we had already seen him previously.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 6 Hollywood Studios The Life Of Spicers


We ate lunch late today as we queued for some food, and when we went to pay with our magic bands, their system was failing and they asked if we could pay with cash. No, we paid for a dining plan we didn’t need to carry cash, nor did I want to pay for food that I didn’t have to. This put us out off kilter and we ended up eating a huge turkey leg which actually was really tasty. I still wasn’t used to being asked if I wanted chips with that, and ending up with a packet of crisps though.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 6 Hollywood Studios The Life Of Spicers


Wherever you look in Hollywood Studios, there is something amazing to see. Giant cola bottles in the middle of the street were amazing.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 6 Hollywood Studios The Life Of Spicers

We stayed in the park until late afternoon today, but after doing Toy Story Mania, Muppets 3D, Star Tours, Meeting Buzz, Woody, Wreck It Ralph, Incredibles. We watched Disney Jnr on stage, missed the stunt show as we were too far away to get there in time, so instead we went on the Great Movie Tour.

We all needed a nice relaxing swim in the pool when we got back to the hotel to cool off.

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  1. LauraCYMFT
    September 29, 2014 / 10:02 pm

    Sounds like a very busy day! I can’t wait to go on the Toy Story Mania ride. Are there any other rides there that you think you should fast pass??

  2. October 3, 2014 / 9:01 am

    We loved Toy Story Mania, however, queued for what felt like hours to get on it! I would definitely agreeing that fast passing it is essential!!

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