How To Make A Fishtail Loom Band Bracelet


Has the loom band craze hit your home yet? If you’re wondering how to make a fishtail loom band bracelet then you’re in the right place. The fishtail bracelet is probably the easiest method when using loom bands, and you don’t need a loom to make it. You can improvise with using fingers, pencils and a variety of other objects around the home. I’m using fingers in this tutorial.

In just 7 easy steps you can create a lovely bracelet.



1. Take one loom band and one “s” clip. In the majority of packets you receive clips as well. Attach the band to the clip as shown above.

2. Place the band over two fingers, with the clip in the middle of your fingers.



3. Place another band onto your fingers above the band that holds the clip.

4. Taking one side of the band at a time, move the lower band over the top band and let it rest in the middle as shown in the picture.

5. Add another band to your fingers. This is where you may be thinking about colour patterns, or whether you prefer the randomness of the colours in the finished bracelet. Repeat step 4 as above by moving the lower band over the top of your fingers one at a time and letting it sit there. Add another band and repeat.

You can continue this process until you have enough length to go around your wrist.



6. To finish the bracelet and secure together, instead of adding another band, take the “s” clip from the start of your bracelet and attach one end to the single band on your finger as shown.

7. You can remove from your fingers at this point and the bracelet wont unravel. Secure the clip (same hook as you are using to finish the bracelet to the same band on your other finger).

There are so many different coloured bands you can buy which really don’t cost a lot of money at all. This is a great craze to discover if you haven’t already. Beware it’s addictive and the possibilities of these little rubber bands are seemingly endless.


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    Loom bands are everywhere! Mine aren’t old enough to be into them but I was chatting with friends about them the other day and they reckon they’re especially good for getting boys to sit down and do something a bit calming.
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