Visiting The Roman Baths In Bath

During our trip to Bath the one place we all knew we wanted to visit was the Roman Baths. Located in a very convenient location in the City Centre next to Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths is also very easy to access via the open top bus tour that runs through the City.

July 2020 – For information on visiting the Roman Baths during Covid-19 please check the latest advice before you visit here.

visiting the Roman baths

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into The Roman Baths

We were Kindly gifted our tickets when we visited, however standard ticket prices cost £25 for adults and £15 for children. If you shop around, you can always find some discounted tickets and save against these prices mentioned.

History Of The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths was originally a public bathing site used for bathing and relaxing, They were a big feature through Roman communities. The baths would all have different temperatures and facilities, some being used for relaxing, reading and socialising.

Roman baths terrace looking down

There are four different areas in the Roman Baths, the Great Bath which is the main bath, and one that is fed with hot water from the spring. The Taste baths had tepid water in them fed from the Great Bath, The East baths were in heated rooms.

The Circular Bath is a cold plunge pool, and finally the West Baths which contained a range of heated rooms and plunge pools.Only the very rich owners had private baths in their own homes.

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Self Guided Tours Of The Roman Baths

When you arrive at the Roman Baths, you are directed to collect your audio equipment for your self guided tour around the baths. The audioguide is available in 12 different languages.

There is also a dedicated children’s audioguide narrated by Michael Rosen which is available in English, French and German. The audio guides are easy to use and all is explained when you collect them on your way in.

Roman baths stones

On a busy day, your visit may take longer as you want to experience all the stops and listen to the information being relayed to you about the Romans. An average visit time is around two hours, we definitely spent two hours wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere and learning so many great facts about the Roman Baths.

Exploring the Baths

Your journey will begin towards the terrace out in the open. From here you can look down into the great bath. There are some fantastic views to be spotted of Bath Abbey from here as well, so it’s well worth taking the time to look around and up, instead of just down into the baths.

Roman baths spring water

It’s exciting to think you’ll be on the lower level in front of the Great Bath, but take your time as you enter the museum along the tour. We saw so many different coins and pots that have been restored and kept.

Some of the exhibit spaces are a little cramped so it may be worth hanging back for larger groups to leave before you start your audio guide in places.

Facilities At The Roman Baths

Whilst the Roman Baths aren’t suitable for pushchairs, if you’re taking young children there are child back carriers available on request.

Located next to the baths, and also accessible from inside at the end of the tour is the Pump Room restaurant. This was originally an assembly room in Roman times, and is now a great attraction for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

the great bath at Roman baths

One of the must do things at the Roman Baths is to try the spring water near the end of the tour. It’s a unique taste but definitely worth a sip or two.

If you’d like to see the torches lit around the Great Bath then it’s best to visit later in the day. They are lit around 4pm in the Winter and 6pm in the Summer.

Kids Activities At The Roman Baths

We all know that the small people can get bored when they don’t want to be somewhere. The kids audio guide is great for older children to listen to as it contains fun facts about the Romans and told in a way to help them understand without it being to in depth.

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There are also plenty of other activities for the kids to enjoy at the baths such as the activity trails which are great for the younger children who aren’t listening to an audio guide.

There are two different trails on offer, one aimed at pre school children, and the other for Primary school children.

Around the site, you may also bump into staff members dressed in Roman costume. These are great opportunities to let the kids interact and ask questions, or listen to their stories.

We really enjoyed visiting the Roman baths in Bath, and would definitely return.

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  1. We loved the Roman Baths when we visited, and even our teenagers enjoyed the few hours we were there. The spring water is certainly a distinctive taste isn’t it x

  2. Whenever I watched historical movies roman baths are the one that always amazed me. And to see these in real life gives you whole glimpse that how well our ancestors live in past. These days we can say that swimming pools are just the upgraded version of these roman baths. Thanks mate for this great info, I really appreciate.


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