Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Whenever possible we like to take Lola with us on our day trips and short breaks away. Traveling with your dog turned out to be easier than we thought it would be in the beginning, and over the past few years we have become very prepared for taking Lola with us to as many places as possible.

Some of our favourite places to take Lola on a day trip is Hengistbury Head, Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. All of these places are around half an hours drive from us, meaning that Lola doesn’t have to spend too much time in the car.

traveling with your dog

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We have a longer trip to Bath planned in the nest few weeks so we are getting prepared for what we will need to make sure she is as comfortable during the travel time as we are.

Car Safety

Traveling with your dog in the car is often a necessity when taking your dog with you. The law recommends that your dog is suitable restrained whilst travelling in the car. Acceptable ways of restraining your dog in the car include a dog seatbelt, seatbelt harness, car crate, or dog guard.

We decided not to put Lola in the boot when we took her in the car. As we thought about it, all options  had the potential to worry us, but in the end we decided that Lola would take the back seat and be secured with a dog seatbelt.

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As Lola has the back seat to stretch out on whilst she is in the car with us, we have made sure she has a blanket to lay on. This helps to protect our car seats from dog hairs and smells, and also gives Lola that little bit of comfort and familiarity.

Regular Rest Breaks

Depending on how long we are traveling in the car for, we make arrangements to take regular rest stops. We try to stop near a grassy area so we can take her to relieve herself if she needs to, and also use the opportunity to give her a drink.

We have found some great travel dog bowls over the years, and now Lola has her own little travel kit that lives in the car all the time now.

These collapsable dog bowls take up very little space in the boot

At Your Destination

We try not to over pack when taking Lola on our travels with us, but we do like to go prepared. If we are staying overnight then we always take Lola’s crate with us. She has been crate trained since a puppy and it was the best thing we did in my opinion. This worked really well when we stayed in a caravan with her last year, and we know it will work for us again in the future.

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With her familiar blankets, toys and crate she is a very happy dog as long as she is fed and is played with.

What are your thoughts for traveling with your dog?

traveling with your dog


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