How To Keep Head Lice At Bay

Miss A as very lucky when she started school and only got head lice for the first time in year two. Cue this year there however and they seemed to be everywhere. It didn’t matter how often I checked, and treated when I spotted one, they would be back within a few weeks.

It was clear that not everyone was treating their children at school. There had to be a better way than this, as it was costing me a fortune in treatments, and also Miss A was becoming very argumentative with me of checking her hair so often through the week. I really needed to work out how to keep head lice at bay.

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 keep head lice at bay

Trial And Error

I’ve tried a variety of different brands of treatment but was very keen to try a different selection from Vamousse that contains a treatment mousse but also a shampoo that will prevent an infestation.

The cycle of an infestation usually starts with one little blighter arriving into your hair, but by the time you see your child itching it’s too late and you have an infestation.

Did you know it can be almost a month to detect an infestation? This is quite scary when you think of how many times you and your child will have had your heads together, the bedding that can carry the live lice.

Lice can live for up to 12 hours off the host’s head which is also a scary thought especially when you think of how often the children come into your room in the morning and get into your bed.

Being the Summer holidays, I have been more relaxed about checking Miss A’s hair, however she was scratching a little bit at the end of last week so I thought I would check on the off chance.

To begin with I couldn’t spot anything, but a quick comb through brought out the above (top left) image, which prompted me to delve further into the hair and as you can see we spotted some lice and eggs. As we had just received Vamousse prevention shampoo and also the mousse to treat an infestation, we all got the royal treatment the other night.

 keep head lice at bay

Using Vamousse

The mousse first of all works on dry hair, and doesn’t require a re treatment seven days later like some other brands. Once you have saturated your hair and left for 15 minutes, the hair is combed through with the fine nit comb to remove the dead eggs and lice before being shampooed as you normally would.

The mousse works by dehydrating the lice and eggs to kill them. I did remove a few dead lice which wasn’t very nice from Miss A’s hair, however it was better than removing crawlies from her hair.

I did treat my own hair despite not being able to find anything through combing beforehand, but I decided better to be safe than sorry. The shampoo is a great top up for weekly use for Miss A as if another live lice happens to get into her hair at school now, the shampoo will see it on it’s way.

The shampoo is quite a runny substance and you don’t need a lot to get a generous lather. I did notice that it takes a little longer to rinse it all away than the normal shampoo Miss A uses however I would rather this if it helps keep head lice at bay.

Did you know?

  • lice eggs are pin sized and difficult to see
  • eggs hatch after 7-10 days
  • head lice cannot jump or fly, they are spread by head to head contact
  • head lice don’t have a preference to clean or dirty hair
  • head lice cannot be passed to animals
  • head lice take 10 days to become fully grown

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how to keep head lice at bay

Disclosure – we received the mousse and shampoo free of charge but all opinions are our own


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  1. Aw, poor thing getting them right at the end of summer but sounds like you caught them and have a great treatment for them. Finger cross she’s lice free for the rest of the year!

    • I really hope she is. Fingers crossed remembering to use the shampoo will keep them away.


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