10 Essential Holiday Packing Tips

Holidays are exciting times, and we all look forward to them. I like to plan what I’m going to take on holiday and can often be found packing a few times before I am happy with the final suitcase ready to go. My holiday packing tips are as follows.

holiday packing tips

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Important Details

One of my biggest fears when going on holiday is losing my passport, or someone else’s passport. It’s probably an irrational fear to many others, but its something that plays on my mind a lot of the time when we’re away.

To combat this, I always take a photocopy of everyone’s passport and keep with our hand luggage. I also take a photo of the passports as a double back up. This makes me a lot happier and know that if the worse was to happen, I would be able to access our details.

Pack A Scarf

I have learned over the years that a scarf is useful for so many things. A scarf is brilliant for wearing on the plane and using as a blanket or a pillow. It also saves having to pack a cardigan if you think you may need one on cooler nights to warm climates. Use your scarf as a shawl and you have made three uses for one item.

Pack Outfits

When I am thinking about a two-week holiday, or perhaps one of our holidays to Walt Disney World, I will pack according to how many nights we are away. I then pack according to outfits, and store these in large zip lock bags.

I find this method of packing really works well for us as it keeps everything neat and compact inside the suitcases, and then also helps prevent the clothes coming creased and messed up when half the suitcase has been unpacked at our destination.

Mix And Match

When you have your outfits planned, think about what outfits you can mix up with each other. This really helps to cut down on the amount of clothes you will have to take with you on holiday. more room for souvenirs on the way home.

I do this especially with clothes for Abby, especially if I think she’ll only be in an outfit for a few hours. A quick rinse in the sink and it can be refreshed to wear again for another few hours on a different occasion.

Spread Out The Packing

Do you ever feel as though your suitcase isn’t going to appear on the carousel at your destination? I do all the time, and usually mine is one of the last ones to appear. One year I stood for ages waiting and it didn’t arrive.

Eventually I spotted a member of the airport staff standing next to it. The airline tags had come off during transit so it was sitting unclaimed until I arrived.

To combat this, I now allocate an outfit belonging to everyone in someone else’s suitcase. Then if the worst happens and one of us loses our case, any least that person will have a clean set of clothes until an alternative solution is found.

Secure The Toiletries

I have been stung before by opening my suitcase to find something has exploded during transit. Its no fun having to scoop out something slimy from your wash bag. I now always add anything with liquids in inside a zip lock bag before it goes into the suitcase.

Don’t Overpack

I am very guilty of over packing, but I am getting better with it the more we travel. I find that a few minutes spent doing some research about what is available at your resort or hotel can cut down on packing.

For example we always used to take pool towels with us to Disney World, however staying onsite in a moderate hotel, towels are provided around the pool and at the water parks. Not having to pack towels saves loads of room and weight.

Good Quality Luggage

As our suitcases have finally given up over the years, I have learned that it’s a good idea to invest in some good quality lightweight luggage.

I have come to realise that it can be a good idea to have bright coloured luggage, or perhaps a brightly coloured band to distinguish your case from the hundreds of others going around the same carousel.

Check out prices for lightweight luggage here

Heavy Items At The Bottom

Pack according to weight and the way your suitcase stands. If you add your heavier items to the top of your suitcase then everything underneath it is going to get crushed during travel. Think about how the suitcase is transported whilst you’re packing.

Spare Bag

When the dreaded day arrives at the end of the holiday and you have to pack to come home, I know we don’t always pack quite so well. We tend to cram it all into the cases and hope it all fits.

I can’t stand mixing the dirty clothes with the clean, even if I know I’m going to wash it all when we get home anyway. I pack a spare tote bag, or carrier bag in everyone’s suitcase and encourage them to use it during the holiday to store their dirty clothes.

Do you have any top holiday packing tips?

holiday packing tips 


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