Fantasmic Tips And Tricks

Disney doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, and the thought and effort that go into the shows are truly amazing. Fantasmic is a must see show if you go to Disney World, I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to see it again on our next visit. 


Fantasmic tells the story of Mickey’s imagination as the Sorcerer’s apprentice and features both heroes and villains. The show itself lasts approximately 30 minutes and is full of amazing fireworks, dancing water, pyrotechnics and laser lights.

There are a few Fantasmic tips and tricks that will make your viewing a little better when you are in the know.

  • The open aired theatre seats 11,000 people. As it is open aired the show is at risk of being cancelled in bad weather
  • If you have booked a dinner package to reserve priority seating and the show is cancelled, you can’t re use on another day.
  • All of the light up head wear you can purchase in the parks will sync to the show. They also work in Magic Kingdom as well during their Wishes show.
  • Fastpass is available for the show
  • There is generally two showings per night on show nights. The later one will be quieter and times will depend on the time of year and when the sun goes down. 
  • If you sit near the front, you may get wet. 
  • You always enter the arena at the left. Do NOT leave the same way as you will be stuck in the crowds for a long time and it’s not a nice experience when you have children with you. Leave to the right of the theatre for a quieter exit.

Is Fantasmic worth having a Fast Pass for?

We actually used one of our Fastpasses for Fantasmic and I didn’t think it was worth it. The reason being, that yes we walked to the arena via a shorter queue, when we entered the arena, there was no dedicated seating area for Fastpasses.

It felt like a free for all so we found our own seats just off the centre of the arena. These seats worked out well for us, but we were by no means given any priority access to be able to select our seats.

I would say if you have a spare Fast Pass for the day you want to see the show then use it, but otherwise don’t, just arrive in plenty of time to select a seat.

It can be quite difficult to get really good photos during the show. All of these were taken on my iPhone as I found it better to snap away and select the better ones at the end rather than using the camera and losing a shot due to the fast nature of the show. If you have a great camera you’ll be fine.

If you’re viewing the early show of Fantasmic, chances are you will enter the arena when it’s still daylight and wait for it to go dusk before the show starts.

Approximately thirty minutes before the show starts, entertainment starts by cast members to get everyone in the mood for the show. This in itself is fun to watch.

What’s your favourite night time show at Disney?

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