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A Guide To Disney World Pressed Pennies

Have you thought whether to start collecting Disney World pressed pennies when at the parks? Pressed pennies, or some call them pressed coins due to the ever expanding capacity to press more than just pennies. These are an inexpensive way to collect souvenirs in the Disney parks.

What Are Disney World Pressed Pennies?

Walt Disney World pressed pennies are exactly what they say they are. Pennies pressed into a machine, either automatically or via a hand crank to impress an image into the penny. In this case Disney designs.

With much of the world taking less cash, you will find many of the Disney penny press machines are upgrading their technology to accept credit cards instead of the old fashioned hand crank machines. The designs are still just as much fun thought.

How Much Are Pressed Pennies At Disney World?

Collecting pressed pennies at Walt Disney World is a really cheap souvenir idea. Each pressed penny only costs 51 cents. A 50 cents charge to press the penny and you receive your penny back from the machine in its pressed form.

Pressed quarter machines will use a quarter in place of your penny and cost slightly more.

How Many Pressed Pennies Are In Disney World?

There are over 400 pressed coins at Disney World to be collected across over 130 different coin press machines

Disney World pressed pennies in a Mickey Mouse design

What Pennies Are Best For Pressing?

From my research it was determined that pennies with a high copper content are best for pressing. Pennies made before 1982 were best for getting the clearest designs due to the zinc being added to pennies after 1983.

As the majority of the Disney World coin press machines are now cashless, you don’t have to worry too much about finding those shiny pennies. If you discover a machine that takes a penny and you don’t have any, there are change machines that will provide you with new shiny pennies.

Disney World coin press machine

Collecting Disney World Pressed Pennies

If you’re a first time visitor to Disney World and everything is a little overwhelming, it can be easy to walk straight past many pressed coin machines. I know we did on our first trip!

The My Disney Experience app has a pressed coin section with handy maps for each park, Disney Springs and Disney resorts to help you discover the pressed coin locations. Don’t forget about the two Disney water parks either. Digital pay definitely comes in handy here!

If you’re not using the My Disney Experience app, then you can also find the locations here.

Each machine usually has around three different designs on offer. They never seem to have a pattern to the designs that were offered which made it half the fun if you’re trying to complete a character set.

Disney World pressed pennies

There are locations where there is the opportunity to purchase a whole set of pressed pennies, for example the princesses. Or perhaps the Beauty and the Beast collection.

This is a clever marketing ploy by Disney to collect more revenue, however it’s still an inexpensive souvenir. You can often receive a discount for purchasing a set of pennies against the cost of them individually.

The newer digital machines accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. There’s no excuse when the kids want a whole set of pennies anymore!

disney world pressed coin book

How Much Are Pressed Penny Books At Disney World?

Once we had started collecting our pressed pennies, we realised we were going to need somewhere to store them all. We decided on a souvenir Disney World pressed coin book in the end which cost around twelve dollars.

This is also a great souvenir to be able to add to on future trips to complete the book.

disney world pressed quarter

The souvenir Disney World pressed penny book holds 48 pressed pennies and 9 pressed quarters. Pressed quarters cost $1.25 (five quarters) and machines are rarer but can be found dotted around. We found one in our resort, Caribbean Beach resort in the arcade.

Collecting pressed pennies at Walt Disney World turned out to be such a fun activity for all of us as we were always on the look out for machines in the parks and resorts.

Displaying Pressed Pennies

If you don’t want to display your pressed pennies in a souvenir book, then you may want to present them in a different way.

pressed penny mickey design

How about creating a Disney design such as a Mickey head with your coins and create a canvas. Or perhaps find your favourite holiday photo and create a frame of pennies around it in the display frame.

If you have loads of pressed pennies, you could even spell out the words “Disney World Trip” with the year you visited as part of your holiday memories. The ideas are endless.

Disney World Pressed coins guide



Monday 9th of September 2019

I take my pressed pennies home, use a nail set or awl to make a small hole and use jump rings to put them into charm bracelets. We add a couple from every trip we take.

The reading residence

Friday 17th of May 2019

We got a few of these and bought the book at the airport as we left. We are planning on getting loads more next time!


Saturday 11th of May 2019

Do you have a link to the map to find the pressing pennies machine? Or are there available at the park?


Saturday 11th of May 2019

Hi Crissy, if you have access to the My Disney Experience app, the pressed penny machines are available on maps via the app.

Stephs Two Girls

Tuesday 29th of January 2019

Oooh this is a great idea, I'll think about doing this for our next trip! x


Monday 2nd of April 2018

And Epcot world showcase is really fun as you can have a country coin at each stop