A Guide To Disney World Pressed Pennies

Before we returned to Disney World this Spring, Miss A had requested that this time around she wanted to start collecting Disney World pressed pennies, or sometimes known as coin press machines. We had researched a little bit via the internet and printed off some maps before we went to give us a little insight as to where the Disney pressed pennies would be located, and started collecting pennies and quarters from friends that had left over change from their previous trips.

Disney World pressed pennies

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What Are Disney World Pressed Pennies?

Walt Disney World pressed pennies are exactly what they say they are, pennies pressed into a machine, either automatically or via a hand crank to impress an image into the penny, in this case Disney designs.

How Much Are Pressed Pennies At Disney World?

Collecting pressed pennies at Walt Disney World is a really cheap souvenir idea as each pressed penny only costs 51 cents, 50 cents charge to press the penny and you receive your penny back from the machine in its pressed form.

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How Many Pressed Pennies Are In Disney World?

There are over 400 pressed pennies at Disney World to be collected across over 130 different pressed penny locations.

Disney World Pressed pennies

What Pennies Are Best For Pressing?

From my research it was determined that pennies with a high copper content are best for pressing. Pennies made before 1982 were best for getting the clearest designs due to the zinc being added to pennies after 1983.

We didn’t have the luxury of being able to sort and make sure all our pennies were perfect before we travelled as a lot of our pennies were collected through change given during the trip.

If you are lucky however, next to some pressed penny machines such as one next to the Garden Grill in Epcot, there is a change machine that will swap a dollar for four quarters and two pennies which give you two perfectly shiny pennies. We took advantage of these change machines as we came across them.

Disney World pressed penny machine

Collecting Disney World Pressed Pennies

Our first day at Animal Kingdom, I had forgotten to bring the map with us, and we managed to leave the park without spotting any pressed penny machines at all, but by the time we visited Magic Kingdom the following day we were spotting them everywhere.

Some pressed penny machines are automatic and activated by the press of a button, but there are also some manual pressed penny machines which are really fun to use. These are activated by turning a crank handle. It all adds to the experience of collecting pressed pennies.

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Each machine usually has around three different designs on offer. They never seem to have a pattern to the designs that were offered which made it half the fun if Miss A wanted to complete a set, such as the Seven Dwarfs.


mrs potts disney world pressed penny

It meant she would have to seek out the remaining pennies in the collection. By using the maps to find the pennies, it means that you may go to parts of the parks that you may not have been planning on going to. It may also mean you have to visit a different park to collect a penny you are looking for.

For this trip, Miss A was happy collecting random pressed pennies that she liked the look of. There was always at least one in every machine that she wanted.

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If you are looking for a particular collection of pressed pennies then there are plenty of updated resources available. Personally I like using the My Disney Experience site as it’s the most accurate and helped our searches on our 2017 trip.

disney world pressed coin book

How Much Are Pressed Penny Books At Disney World?

Once we had started collecting our pressed pennies, we realised we were going to need somewhere to store them all. We decided on a souvenir Disney World pressed penny book in the end which cost around twelve dollars. This has also been a great souvenir for Miss A to keep and add to on our next trip, although this book has almost been filled up with pennies already.

There are other Disney pressed penny book options on the market however if you’re looking for something different.

disney world pressed quarter


The souvenir Disney World pressed penny book holds 48 pressed pennies and 9 pressed quarters. Pressed quarters cost $1.25 (five quarters) and machines are rarer but can be found dotted around. We found one in our resort, Caribbean Beach resort in the arcade, and of course Miss A had to have one as a souvenir.

As Miss A almost filled her pressed penny book up during our 2016 trip, we will probably purchase a new book if we go again, as some of our pennies are branded with 2016 which makes them more of a unique souvenir for our trip, and penny designs will no doubt change slightly each time we go with new characters being introduced all the time.

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Collecting pressed pennies at Walt Disney World turned out to be such a fun activity for all of us as we were always on the look out for machines in the parks and resorts. Spotting a machine gave a small respite from thinking about the heat when Miss A was getting over heated. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, I can highly recommend collecting some pressed pennies.

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Disney World pressed pennies

Disney World pressed pennies 





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