Disney World Florida 2014 Holiday Day 11 Typhoon Lagoon

Thursday 31st July 2014 РDisney World Holiday Day 11


day 11 2014

Today is our last full day at Disney. The tiredness had definitely kicked in, and there were a few choice words today before we even left our hotel room. We decided a water park would be a good idea as it’s a little gentler on the feet and there’s always a lazy river to cheer everyone up.

We made our way to Typhoon Lagoon after a late-ish breakfast. I could see that Miss A was flagging a lot today, whether the heat or tiredness was getting to her I wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t her usual bubbly self. She was still behaving brilliantly though.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 11 Typhoon Lagoon The Life Of Spicers

Typhoon Lagoon is the home of the six foot wave pool which was quite exciting to watch from a distance. We all decided we would have a go after seeking out the lazy river.

When we made it around to the pool, there was lots of gentle waves happening but nothing like I thought there would be. After a while we went off to ask a lifeguard when the waves happen as perhaps they were on a timer or something. It turns out one of the lifeguards had pressed the hard reset button by mistake and they had to reset the whole system so they couldn’t tell us when it should come back on. Technically the waves should appear every 90 seconds for half an hour before taking a short break.

We waited in that pool for over an hour. Each time we were almost at the point of giving up we didn’t in case we missed them. When at last the alarm sounded to let us know the waves were on their way, we got into our positions. Hubby took Miss A out to his waist depth with him. She had a life jacket on and was clutching to hubby. I stood in knee high water as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I don’t like being dragged under.

Well….. I didn’t think about my sunglasses. I was standing right after the wave broke so I got thrown forwards and then sucked under. I wasn’t ready for it and the only thing that stopped me panicking under water was thinking of my sunglasses. Hubby and Miss A were both dragged under before the wave broke but popped back up quickly. They both thought it was awesome and did it again and again. I went a little shallower after that to avoid going under. We decided the best place to be was right out in the deep water so you could ride the wave as it gently took you up.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 11 Typhoon Lagoon The Life Of Spicers


After a great day at Typhoon Lagoon, we headed back for a late dinner, stopping along the way to toast marshmallows on the hotel beach. The views across the lake at the Caribbean Beach resort are stunning, so it was perfect to be able to sit outside to wait for the evening film to start. We learnt that you had to get a table early if you wanted one, so we opted to eat our dinner outside as well which was lovely.

Disney World Florida Holiday 2014 Day 11 Typhoon Lagoon The Life Of Spicers


Watching the sun set whilst sitting outside in shorts and vest top and not being eaten by insects with a glass of wine in hand = perfect!

Home tomorrow ūüôĀ

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      I had such a great time, I really want to go again

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