Review: Building The Disney Lego Castle

Have you ever wondered about building the Disney Lego castle? The 71040 Disney castle has over 4,000 pieces of Lego and five Disney mini figures included. These are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinkerbell. When built the Disney Lego castle measures 74 centimeters high (29.1 inches).

Disney Lego castle base

How Long Does It Take To Build The Disney Lego Castle?

Depending on how much time you spend building will determine how long it takes for you to complete the whole castle. There are 14 different numbered bags, some of which have three bags of Lego per number). 

Generally, each bag takes around an hour to complete if you are a methodical builder and sort the Lego bricks and follow the instructions.

Disney Lego Castle

Disney Lego Castle Detailing

You’ll find some amazing and very detailed theming in the Lego castle. Expect to see details from The Princess and the Grog, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

There’s also detailing from Tangled, Snow White, Fantasia, Cinderella and Brave. Some of the amazing detailing in the Lego set makes for some fiddly building in places. 

The design of the Disney Lego castle has been created to represent the Cinderella castle in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It’s an amazing replication of the real thing, and a must have for any Disney and Lego fan.

Beauty and the beast detailing on Disney Lego Castle

The Disney Lego Castle Build

The instruction book contains 486 pages of instructions, This should give you an idea of the level of build you’re about to take on. 

Bag number 1 full of lego bricks, begins your castle build with the base. You’ll immediately notice that there’s an intricate flooring pattern that will be showcasing the ground floor of the castle.

As the build progresses through the bags of lego, the castle begins to take shape quickly. A grand entrance is at the front with a staircase for the characters to stand and welcome you in on. 

section 1 of Disney Lego castle

The back of the castle is left open for the rooms to show off their amazing detailing. It’s also a great opportunity for younger children to be able to interact with the castle and use it within play.

There are three main sections to the castle as you build it. The first being the base and the lower ground floor levels. Moving on to the second section, you begin to build the towers. The third section is the tallest tower which gives the Lego Disney castle its height at the end of the build.

If you choose to build your Lego castle over a period of days or weeks, it’s good to know that the main sections are sturdy and you can pick up and leave the building when it suits your lifestyle.

Intricate details in the Disney Lego castle

Looking After Your Disney Lego Castle

After your build is complete, it might be worth investing in an acrylic casing for your castle. It’s not an easy item to be able to dust. 

There are also lights available to purchase to make your castle light up at night. Much like imitating the real castle in Magic Kingdom. These lights are best to be added during your build rather than after.

It’s also a good idea to build the Disney Lego castle in or near the place you are wanting to display it to. It’s quite heavy when finished, and every time you move it, you run the risk of breaking some of the fragile parts.

Disney Lego Castle review

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