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Whilst I was planning our 2017 travel bucket list earlier this year, I focused on the places we would love to visit rather than the means of travelling to them. I talked about visiting Center Parcs again as we have previously visited three of the five sites in the UK, but whilst we would love to revisit the ones we have already been to, and the two sites we haven’t travelled to yet, there is also the option of visiting the sites in Holland.

I have heard positive reviews from people who love Center Parcs and have visited a site in Holland. It appears that sometimes it can be better value than visiting a UK site. I’m all for saving money on our travels as the more money we save, the more we have to spend on making new adventures. The easiest way for us to travel to Holland would be via ferry. The port of Harwich isn’t a million miles away from our home and would be no less inconvenient to us than travelling to a London airport I don’t think. Once there, you can travel four and a half hours across to Hook of Holland.

travelling by ferry

Travelling by ferry is something we don’t do very often, unless you count popping across to the Isle Of Wight,  but actually when you look into the options there is a lot available. When I’m planning a holiday, I spend some time working out all costs including our fuel, food, pet sitting etc before we decide on the feasibility of the holiday. Travel costs can quickly mount up, however there are some great deals available when booking a Stena Line ferry which can be found at

My research into travelling to a different Center Parcs also made me discover that adventure could be just as easy to gain by popping over to Ireland and then on to France. I have some great memories of travelling to Ireland with my girlfriends to celebrate birthdays ten years ago, and the sights would be great to see again. We spent a great morning seeing the sights of Dublin on an open top bus tour, and another quite dizzy morning travelling to the top of the Guinness Factory. Although perhaps all the Guinness consumed the night previous wouldn’t have helped the dizziness!

It’s no secret that I want to visit Disneyland Paris this year, especially after creating some great memories at Walt Disney World. If time and money would permit, this could be a potential option by travelling by ferry onwards from Ireland to France.

I can see my travel plans being adapted, which is of course half the fun of making travel plans in the first place. I didn’t realise how easy and fun it might be to plan a journey to visit two very different places. The beauty of both of these options, we would only need a few days for each place with some relaxing on the ferry in between.

Do you enjoy travelling by ferry?
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  1. February 23, 2017 / 12:40 pm

    We went on holiday to France by ferry, and apart from not being able to account for the weather conditions it was a great start to our holiday in France. I have friends who say the center parcs in Holland are good, so maybe I should add to my bucket list!

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