Top Ten Ideas For Entertaining A Child On A Long Haul Flight

It’s not long before we take our first long haul flight as a family. To say that scares me a little bit is an understatement for a variety of reasons. I really don’t like flying, but I appreciate to get to the destination at the other end, I have to go through the flight.

I have no doubt that Miss A will take it all in her stride, and she will be fine, but I have been wondering what to pack for her to keep her entertained during the flight.

top ten ideas for entertaining a child on a long haul flight

  • There will of course be plenty of in flight entertainment in the form of movies and games on screen. I have checked out the choices available for our flight and there are some great movies that Miss A hasn’t seen yet such as Muppets, and The Lego Movie, so that will keep her entertained for a little while. I’ll also be packing her screen consoles in hand luggage.


I don’t want to just rely on screens for such a long time though as I think we all need some stimulation for both mind and body.

What To Take On A Long Haul Flight - The Life Of Spicers


  • Sticker books are easy to play with without making mess, and can be picked up and put down quickly. I have been scouting around for some bargains to pack.
  • Games that are easy to play including Spot The Difference and Dobble are two of our favourites that we will be taking with us. No mess and we wont lose pieces easily.
  • Magic colouring books that use pens without making a mess are packed and ready to go. I love these and the fact you can buy them in travel sizes too. We took these on our last flight with Miss A and they kept her busy for ages.
  • Loom bands appear to be the latest craze in this house, so a few bargain packs I have sourced cheaply are ready to go. Miss A can easily make bracelets using her fingers, she doesn’t need the loom or the hook tool, so it’s an easy activity that will keep her active.
  • Audio books for when she needs a little rest and relaxation. Nothing too stressful but she can maybe doze and listen to her favourite stories through her headphones.
  • For when she wants to interact, I am packing a selection of her favourite books. This way she can read or be read to by family members.

What To Take On A Long Haul Flight - The Life Of Spicers


  • Imagination games such as eye spy, what am I? will be virtually packed and ready to be played at short notice when needed.
  • A good old pack of cards to entertain doing magic tricks, patience, which can be passed around the whole family.
  • A favourite teddy bear will be coming with us for hopefully entertainment as well as comfort when quiet time is called for.

What have I missed? Anything I should be making sure I pack for a long haul flight?



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    We haven’t done any flying with our little one yet but I know that friends stock up on snacks and drinks at the airport after all the checks, just in case little ones don’t like any of the food on offer. You sound like you are very prepared. Have a lovely holiday x
    Kirsty recently posted…Easy Fathers Day CardMy Profile

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    It sounds like you’ve got the entertainment well covered. I always take sweets to suck and sachets of children’s paracetamol in case of ear pain as well as plastic bags and spare clothes just in case anyone’s sick. I hope you don’t need any of those things and that you have a great flight and holiday.
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    Some great ideas there. I haven’t seen those mess free colouring books they are a great idea that I will definitely be looking into for our holiday next year. Hopefully your daughter will have exhausted herself with all the excitement and might sleep for a little while too!
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Farmyard sticking with Little Miss AMy Profile

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    Great ideas! My daughter loves those loom things too… slightly obsessed! I would just take small toys of any description that they like to play with (not that I’ve done a long haul you understand lol!)…. Hope you have a great holiday, lucky things!! x
    Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours recently posted…Holidays BluesMy Profile


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