The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton #Bookreview

When I pick up a Kate Morton book, I know I am committing myself for a journey across many years, delving into the lives of her characters from cradle to the grave. The Secret Keeper is a book I have had on my book shelves for ages, waiting for the right time to read it.

The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton

The¬†Secret Keeper spans between 1930, 1960 and the present day. We begin the book in 1961 meeting 16 year old Laurel and her family at their home enjoying a picnic on a Summer’s day. Laurel witnesses a horrible event that afternoon, and we must wait until 2011 to find out what really happened that day. As with any tragedy, there are often many events that have to unfold to reach the climax, and this book is no different.

As with all Kate Morton books, the reader will time travel between the past and the present visiting the characters in their lives, piecing together the story that unfolds. Laurel has grown up into a successful actress, coming home to see her Mother for what may be the last time as she strives to find out what really happened on that Summer’s day in 1961.

The secret Keeper tells the story from Laurel, Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy’s perspectives. Sometimes a book can be very confusing when told from so many different angles, but the Secret Keeper is an easy read. Dorothy, Jimmy and Vivien’s lives are entwined long before Laurel arrives in the world, and what they go through during the war is not a tale anyone would wish to live themselves.

When reading a Kate Morton book, I’m not always looking for a big twist at the end, more enjoying the historical fiction angle of the book. The Secret Keeper pulled me in and gave a twist at the end that I really wasn’t expecting which was a huge bonus to the book.

You can find the Secret Keeper available here.

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    That sounds like a good read, I’ve loved getting back into reading lately.

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