How I Attract 500 Thousand Monthly Viewers On Pinterest

I LOVE Pinterest, it’s no secret and I could spend all day browsing and discovering new information. I started using Pinterest quite a few years ago when I was new to blogging. I didn’t know what I was doing, but enjoyed it never the less. Pinterest is now my biggest traffic referer by far and I am going to share with you how I attract 500 thousand monthly viewers on Pinterest.


Write About What You Love

When you write blog content that you are passionate about it shows! Putting that article out there, whether it’s to Pinterest or via SEO, people will be able to tell if it’s been written under duress or whether you are passionate about the subject. It’s also easier to keep thinking about new angles for content if the subject is one you love. Let’s be honest, I could write about Walt Disney World all day long, and I think this shows when I drill into my analytics.

Create Multiple Pins Per Article

For a long time I thought that by creating one pin for each article and pinning it to Pinterest would be enough. It’s a search engine right, and the pins would be there forever? The statement is true, but pins still have a shelf life, we just don’t know how long that will be for. Pinterest is always changing its algorithm to keep us on our toes and no-one really knows the theory behind what will work and what won’t.

One of my articles – What To Buy Before Going To Disney World is by far my best referer on Pinterest. Why? Well when I drilled down into my analytics, I realised that part of it may be because I had two different pinnacle images linking to the article.

Since working this out, I have been testing out the theory and creating multiple pin images for each article. I have seen a big increase in traffic referrals so for me at least this theory works.

Be Consistent 

I truly believe that Pinterest likes you to be consistent. I have seen traffic drops when I don’t visit the platform for a few days. Being consistent doesn’t mean you have to visit and pin 100 pins every day. Who has time for that? It’s better to pin 10 pins per day every day than 100 pins two days a week and then nothing for the rest of the week.

Use A Scheduling Tool

There are a few scheduling tools available for Pinterest and I have tried most of them.

Live Pinning

I am a big fan of live pinning.. For me this keeps my interest in the platform, I can see how it is working, which pins are showing up in my smart feed etc. Personally I see better results when I live pin mixed with looping than when I schedule pins.

Group Boards

Group Boards can be your friend and your foe. The trick is to find the active group boards that are constantly busy. This way your pins will be shown to a lot of people, but they’re also not sitting stagnant at the top of a group board for weeks.

I have found the best way to find good group boards is to take a look at my peers on Pinterest who pin in the same niche as me. I can then see which group boards they belong to and see whether I am able to apply to pin to that board as well.

There are generally rules on group boards and it’s important to read them before applying. You may not get accepted to every group board you apply to, but I have found the majority of requests I put out are accepted.

There is no harm in leaving a group board if after a while you find it’s not busy or it’s not working for you.

Personal Boards

I believe it’s important to have your own active personal boards as well. I have found my monthly viewers on Pinterest has increased since my boards have become larger and stay active. My most active board has 4.5k pins on it and I pin to it with fresh content daily. It’s worth taking the time to build up your own boards to show you are authoritative within your niche.

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