Lola At Nine Months Old

It seems like only yesterday I was writing Lola’s eight month update. We’re still working on the training, and she’s still being a little bit of a pain in the garden digging holes, but we’ve narrowed that down to when she’s bored. Taking her for a walk first thing in the morning definitely works for her.

Lola at nine months old


In the last month she’s seen snow for the first time, had a return trip to the beach to taste salty sea water. The last time we took her she was sick the following day, so we were wondering if it would have the same effect, but thankfully it didn’t.

Lola at nine months old1


Her love of playing with the ball has become very apparent in the last month, so much so I think we need to find a very cheap way of buying balls as we seem to go through them quite a lot. 

In the last couple of weeks we have seen her instigate playtime with us but bringing one of us one of her rope toys and almost throwing it up onto our lap if we’re sitting on the sofa. It’s her way of asking to play tug of war with the rope. It’s very sweet but she’s quite strong so she usually wins!

Just today I have noticed that her behaviour around other dogs is getting a lot better in the forest. She can almost sense if a dog doesn’t want her near and she is more cautious. I can go for a run with a friend and her dog and know Lola will follow without getting under our feet which is great.


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