Let The Dead Speak – Jane Casey #Bookreview

What happens when there is a murder but no body? DS Maeve Kerrigan has a tough job on her hands when 18 year old Chloe Emery returns home after a weekend away to find her Mum missing and blood all over the house. Let The Dead Speak is a novel starting with investigating the murder of the missing woman Kate Emery, and becomes so much more as the book twists and turns via events that take place.

Chloe is portrayed to have difficulties in surviving alone without support. Whilst the investigation is undergoing, she is staying on the same street with her friend Bethany and her church going family. The Norris family play a big part in the book and events that will unfold. The characters are written and portrayed very well, despite the reader being guided to take instant dislikes to the two men in the family.

It took me a few pages to fully immerse myself into the life of Maeve Kerrigan as she goes about her business of being a detective. I soon realised that this may be because Let The Dead Speak is number seven in the series of Maeve Kerrigan. Whilst all the novels are stand alone, I am wondering if the character of Maeve went over my head slightly as I wasn’t aware there was background that I was missing. That being said, once I understood Maeve as a character, I was fully engrossed and living in Valerian Road myself wondering what had happened to Kate Emery.

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As the story unfolds, with quite a few main characters, we find them all being entwined in each others lives, but perhaps without others knowing about it. I was second guessing what had happened right up until the last page. Let The Dead Speak was very good at revealing an answer, only to provide another question to carry you through the next few chapters. I didn’t guess the true ending until the very last page which leaves me  thinking it’s been a great book. I’ll definitely look out for more of the series now. Thanks to Mumsnet Bloggers Network for this book.

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