Finding The Right Hotel For Your Holiday

Something I always look for when booking a holiday is the accommodation. It can make or break your holiday. We have found some hidden gems such as the Azuline Hotel Bahamas in Majorca and Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World.

This is why so many of us scour the internet trying to find the perfect balance of the best deal for the best hotel that hopefully doesn’t secretly have a view of a building site or a landfill. A hotel with a proper sea view – not one you can see in the distance if you stand on tip toes by the bedside table and squint slightly.

But with the world and it’s hotels literally at your fingertips, how can you find and book the hotel that’s right for you and won’t leave you feeling disappointed? 

Always check the reviews!

Whilst the pictures might look like something from a movie set, the bedrooms might look spacious and clean on the website but what do past guests really think? If you really want the truth about your potential home for two weeks then checking past reviews is a must. You can see some examples here. Where the rooms clean? How quickly did the staff rectify a problem? Did anyone get ill? All the answers to these questions and more will be on their review section.

Don’t get drawn in by the pictures! Do some proper research before you book.

Give the hotel a call

This one is handy if you’re booking through a third party website. More often then not you might be able to haggle the price of your room or just see a significant discount if you book directly. Yes, booking online is much more convenient but there’s potential to save some money which could be spent elsewhere on your holiday.

Calling the hotel or your holiday villa/apartment is a great way to ensure that what you have seen is real. It’s not unheard of for someone to book their holiday, get themselves out there to only find that their villa is just an empty plot of land!

If you speak to the hotel directly to book your room, you may find that it is easier to rectify a problem further down the line. Changing the dates or the number of guests is an easier fix if you speak to someone directly, rather than waiting on hold to speak to a customer service advisor.

Travelodge Gatwick

Your check in time

Booking a holiday is exciting, but you need to remember all the little details if you want your break to get off to a good start. Noticing things like the check in time is something many of us miss. Arriving early sounds like a good idea but you should always try to arrange your travel and ETA around when you can check in. By arriving when you should, you’re not compromising the cleanliness of your room by rushing the hotel staff.

Be friendly

The hotel staff aren’t your slaves. And guests who treat members of staff well, usually enjoy fantastic customer service and maybe a littler perk here and there. An extra cocktail? Yes, please!

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  1. May 11, 2018 / 6:53 pm

    I totally agree that it is so important to find the right accommodation. I sometimes think I spend more time reading reviews of hotels than I do staying in them x

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