The Top Ten Reasons We Love Cruising With Disney

Today I’ve got a great guest post from Victoria over at talking about her top ten reasons why she loves cruising with Disney.

Victoria is a 36 year old mum to two children, ten year old Bear and one year old Lion. She writes about life as a mum, as a teacher, and all of the bits in the middle.

Having just returned from our sixth Disney Cruise, I can honestly say that for us, it really is the perfect way to travel.

This is why:

  1. It combines magic and relaxation, meaning the whole family have a wonderful holiday. As there are often three generations of us travelling together, the balance makes an enormous difference.
  2. Because compared to the parks the ships are relatively small it means the characters have a chance to get to know the children as individuals, which makes the interaction with them particularly special.
  3. The shows are incredible, Broadway style with Disney characters thrown in. We all look forward to them each evening. But they don’t end in the theatre, shows regularly take place on the Deck as well. Pirate night,
  4. All staff onboard have autism training, which means that for families like ours the kids clubs are much more accessible than they would otherwise be.
  5. The food is incredible, but more importantly so are the servers. Disney operate a rotational dining system, which means that you alternate between three different dining rooms for three completely different experiences. The wonderful thing is though, that your serving staff travel with you, which is lovely because they really get to know the whole family.
  6. It’s a great way of seeing places you may never have otherwise seen. We’ve visited ports in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the Caribbean and America over the years and discovered something new in them all.
  7. If you plan you itinerary carefully you’ll get to visit Castaway Cay, Disney’s very own Island. There is nothing quite like building sandcastles with Goofy or taking a stroll along the beach with Mickey to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  8. The staff everywhere on board are incredible, and really do go out of their way to ensure every guest has a truly magical trip. In fact they are so incredible that we still keep in touch with many past cast members long after they have left.
  9. The children really do sleep longer in the mornings. A combination of the rocking boat and an inside cabin, and we even occasionally get a lie in!
  10. The ship itself is a beautiful place. With kids clubs designed like Andy’s Room, a chance to play in the water with Huey, Dewey and Lewie, and towel animals adorning your room each night, there really is a lot to love!

Thanks Victoria, we have never been cruising with Disney despite visiting Walt Disney World in 2014, 2016 and 2017. One day we’ll make it on board as well.

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