The Breakdown B.A. Paris #BookReview

After reading Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris, I was really impressed and pleased when I saw her second book, The Breakdown was going to be published on 9th February.

Cass Anderson travels home one evening during a bad storm along the country roads and spots a car in a layby. Stopping to help she can see the driver is a female, but doubt stops Cass getting out of the car herself. The next morning when she realises that the driver of the car she saw was murdered, she is racked with guilt thinking she could have done more. It doesn’t matter that her husband and best friend try to reassure her that she did the right thing by not approaching the car. As the days progress, silent phone calls haunt Cass and small things start happening making her think she is losing her memory. Scary enough for anyone without losing her Mum to premature dementia a couple of years ago.

Reading the blurb of the book, we know that Cass is haunted by memory loss and begins to doubt herself. We know that her husband Matthew is a bit support for Cass and despite his patience running thin after a while, he stays by her side determined to get to the bottom of what is happening to Cass. Rachel, Cass’ best friend is also a great support, even though it’s difficult for Cass as Rachel and Matthew don’t get along.

It gets to the point where Cass really doesn’t know who she can trust and what is happening to her. The doctors are telling her to take tablets, but they are leaving her zombified for hours of the day. They may stop her worrying who is on the other end of the silent calls, but deep down Cass knows that she can’t stay like this forever and has to take control her herself again before it’s too late.

I really like the way B.A Paris writes and she has a way of really drawing you into the characters to get into their lives. I thought I had worked out the culprit quite early in the book but I wasn’t quite on the mark. The real twist came right at the end which I wont talk about to spoil for you, but I can confirm it was a very well written ending that surprised me right up until the last page.



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